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hi everyone,

I found this group by doing a google search for a specific project that I am working on. Now that I have found you, I am excited to be a member simply because it looks like a fun group! SO, I will tell you about my project in another email but for now I would like to introduce myself.

I am the proud owner of four fabulous standard poodles. We have participated in a wide range of performance activities and train in a bunch of things too. My oldest girl was a rescue at one year old and is now almost 11yrs. She is a sweet girl named Corsa, she was my agility girl. My second 'child' is TinTin who I got to do Search and Rescue. She didn't make it in that venue but LOVES to search for things anyway. Her favorite past time is for me to ask her to find something return it to me with glee. She is 5yrs old. Her daughter, Nickel, is my first home bred Champion in US and Canada, and she is 2 1/2 yrs old. My joy with her is Herding. We have been taking lessons since she was 9months old. My middle 'child' is Eureka! (4yrs) she doesn't like to compete and enjoys being the 'mascot'... she is sweet and wonderful at the job.

Vikki and the Alchmy Poodle Girls

Jean Cote

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Hi Vikki! Welcome to the Academy. :) You've gotten me interested in your 'project', I really hope that we can somehow help you with that. I like poodles, there is another member on this website 'yoyopoodle' and she trained her dogs to do all sorts of really neat tricks. ;) Maybe you two could share pointers on the breed.


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Thanks Jean :) I've had a chance now to look around your website.... wow what a bunch of fun you all have! I am looking forward to getting to know everyone and participating in some of the games. It will be fun to compare notes to the other poodle owner on the list. Speaking of learning... I have to leave for an agility class right now. I will post my 'project' in the general theme area. In a nutshell; i am looking for owners of poodles who are actively herding or using their poos for stock work.

Wow, so much to talk about on list like this!!
Thanks for putting this all together,

Vikki and the Alchmy poodle girls


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Welcome to the Academy! Funny that you just joined, I recently posted asking about working poodles!!! My vet owns a standard who he claims is the best cowdog he's ever owned, and I had never heard of this before. As Poodles are incredibly intelligent though, I don't doubt that they can easily catch on! I'm more of a Border Collie person, but am gaining interest in the Standard Poodles(but definitely not a mini fan, lol). As Jean told you, we do have another experienced poodle owner. She trains and breeds her Poodles for guide/service work and has a nonprofit organization that trains service Poodles and places them in homes with those who need them. :) Hope you enjoy the site, and keep up the good work with your dogs!


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I used to own a poodle years ago and still think he was one of the smartest dogs ever. Much luck on the advanced training. Do you use clicker or what for your advanced tasks? I'm training a service dog now with clicker mostly and am having great success.

Some day I hope to have another Standard Poodle but for now am hopelessly addicted to Goldens. :dogrolleyes: