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My name is Carol & I live in the UK with my 3 Bearded Collies. Looking forward to getting to know everyone and training new tricks:


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Welcome to the forum! Have you done any clicker training with your dogs yet? I have done some with mine, but I am learning a LOT from this forum. And I love the videos. It makes it easier seeing examples so you know what you are looking for.


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Hi! Nice to meet you, I'm Hivin and my companion is Bailey ... we just wanted to say Hi!

Bearded Collies ... one of my favourite breeds, gotta admit. Bailey is a Cocker Spaniel, 4 yrs old.

Looking forward to hearing more from you and getting to know each other better.

Take care: Hivin​


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Welcome Carol and your beardies. I have Milo a six month labradoodle, a fabulous dog with great temperament. You've just joined the increasing band of Brits who have found this site.