New Member, Basenji 'dude'

Hello members, I am here to introduce myself and my basenji puppy 'dude'
We are currently in puppy obedience classes and I found this site when looking for a trick to teach dude for his graduation next week. Any suggestions? We are training using clicker/positive reinforcement and have sit, stand, lay down, paw and roll over mastered whenever dude activates his selective hearing :)
We look forward to spending some time here and getting to know the members and their dogs.


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Crawl, wave, high-five, spin....all very simple tricks that get lots of awwwws. ^^

Welcome to the Academy! We have one other Dude here, a Labradoodle.

You two would probably enjoy the challenges--this month's might be a bit advanced for Dude right now, but you could certainly start checking out the past challenges for ideas. ^^ Enjoy the site!! :)


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Welcome to you. I don't recall any other basenji's on the site. I just love their thoughtful furrowed brow expressions. They are cuch handsome little pups. Dude also sounds very smart. Look forward to seeing u in the forums. :dogbiggrin: