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I everyone,
I'm a new member and really appreciate this Web site! We have an almost year old American Water Spaniel. We discovered the hard way (through traditional training) that she is VERY sensitive, so clicker training wa an amazing discovery for us. "Katie" knows most basic obedience commands and the tricks are a fun way to keep the training going while making it fun for both of us.


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Hi, welcome to DTA! That's a rare breed(well, in my area anyway...)! Hope you enjoy the site, and glad you and Katie have gotten off to a good start in your training! Keep up the good work.


Welcome to the accademy! There is a lot of the "traditional" training still being taught. I've made mistakes due to this information and wish I'd found this site earlier. Have fun training!


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Nice to see you here. This is definately one of the best sites I have found. Very informative and I can't wait to start participating in the month challenges. Hope to see you around.