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Hello Everyone,
We have a 6 month old Golden Retriever. She has just been spayed and we are on Day 3 post surgery. Of course whilst she now is back to her normal self, she must be kept quiet for another 7 days which is going to prove difficult.

We have her on a 6 foot lead that is tied to the legs of furniture at the moment so that I can keep an eye on her at all times. Just now I have done the same on the deck so she has a scenery change. There are workmen in the park over the back fence that she can see and lots of interesting sounds and smells etc.

What I'm thinking though, is that whilst it is difficult to keep her quiet, it is an excellent opportunity to teach her some tricks and tire her out mentally.

So far she can sit, wait/stay, give paw and can be coaxed into "down" and even roll over (but we aren't doing that one at the moment).

Can you guys recommend me some rather quiet simple tricks that we could incorporate into our day from here on in? I have the next 4 weeks at home, school holidays with the kids so we are around alot which is great since she requires so much supervision at the moment.

BTW I should add that she is not wearing the cone because she seems to be leaving the area well alone but this could change as the wound progresses with it's healing.


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Very cute pup. ^^ Welcome to the Academy!

Targetting with nose, paw, chin, cheek, etc are all simple tricks that are not too physically demanding for her. Targetting offers you hundreds of options:
-High five
-Turn on a tap light
-Touch your paw
-Touch your hip
-Shut the door(start with cabinets), shut the drawer
-Cross your paws
-And many more!
Also "shy"/"hide your eyes"(I call it BOO!) is an easy one. Advancing stays is a very good one that's not physically demanding at all! Lol. Here's a few more ideas:
-Hold(with mouth)
-Take your socks off

I'm sure there's more, someone else will probably respond with more ideas. :)
Welcome to the Academy, enjoy the site, and good luck!


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Hi Wendy,
Your Obie is the reason I am here!!! Thanks for the link and I'm looking forward to getting Zali to learn some of those awesome tricks I've seen Obie do.



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Welcome! theres plenty of ideas there from Tx. My girl Oka is about to be booked in for her spey - so not looking forward to the resting bit!


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Welcome to the DTA! Mouse has to go in for her spay soon too, but I'm loath to do it. (various reasons) but I'm lucky, she's easy to keep calm... I just have to sit down, and she's on my lap napping! LOL