New here.... Hi From Kentucky


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Hi :dogsmile: My name is Jenna & I am "owned by" a spoilt rotten flashy fawn Boxer Boy named Bruiser who'll be 2yrs old this July. We've had him since he was just a lil'pup of 6weeks. He lives it up here in the house with us ( I am married & we have 4 kids ((3 girls & 1boy)) who range in ages from 13 -4 yrs. Our Bruiser is just simply wonderful with all of them especially the youngest one. He spends his days following her around the house, as if he is her watch dog:dogwub: I am a fan of alot of breeds but especially of the boxer...our home will never be without another:dogwink: I found this site tonite while looking into something on my usual forum ( Just hoping to search around a bit meet some new people who share the love of dogs. & hopefully find some new tricks to teach "The Bruise"