New here as well


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I am also new here. My name is Laura and my dog is almost a year old pembroke welsh corgi named Lance. I have just started a novice obedience class to get him ready for obedience competitions, and am on a long waiting list to start agility with him. And I love Lance a ton, but can't wait until I can get a bigger dog, with longer legs!, to do frisbee with! I am thinking about getting a toller, hence my question on tollers in the dog breed section!

I also have a 7 month old kitten, and 5 ferrets at home. Lance loves to wrestle with the ferrets and sometimes likes being harassed by the kitten.


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Awwww. A Pembroke Welsh Corgi was my first ever dog, many years ago, purchased for me by my Dad. Of course, I was really too young then to fully appreciate it, but I remember him fondly. hehe Sure can't imagine a PWC doing Frisbee, but would pay to see it! :)


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Hi and welcome. Lance is fab, I love his 'shy' video. Good Luck for his obedience career!