New Here ;0)


I just found this site and absolutely love it ;0)
I live with my 3 resident dogs and a cat...
Röskva, 4 1/2 yr, rottie/lab/setter mix,....
Nick, 5 yr rescue (i took him when he was just minutes from euth due to being unadoptable- i was his 9th or 10th home in 1 1/2 yr), jrt/beagle/???.......
Shiva, 2 yr, rottie, rescue( a good friend had no time for her due to 3 jobs after divorce and suspected his roommate to be beating her)....
and last but not least Móri, 6 month old boy who i took in a week before xmas, he was about 5 weeks old... he is the ruler of the roost ;0)
I have also been dogsitting an 8yr old rottie girl, Gríma for 6 yrs.....when she is in heat and when her other owner has had to leave for extended periods of time....she basically raised my Röskva and will always be my <3 dog

This summer we also have a momma cat with her 4, 4 week old babies, Perla, 7 month cavalier pup and her bro Rocky, 4 yr chi.... they r all fosters...

I have tought my eldest girl Röskva everything she knows with the clicker ( sit, down,play dead, high 5, paw, put her toys away ) after taking her to a clicker class as a 4 month pup.... I have never turned back ;0)

Nick who was clicker trained by his first original owner is one of the smartest dogs i know, and loves the clicker !! ( when she accidentally found out that he was in his 8th home since leaving her she decided there were fates worse than death and sat in her car, trying to get up the nerve to take him inside to die when i called her...since then she went on to be a trainer/dog behavierist and is 1 of the best i know ;0)

I havent been dooing much training the last 2 yrs but since Shiva arrived, 1 month ago (bananas in her ears and all that stuff) i needed to start clicking again....not to mention after my fosters arrived !!

Móri the cat loves hanging around while i click the dogs so now im thinking hmmm....why not click the cat ??' ;0)

with <3 from Iceland
Maríanna ;)


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:ROFLMAO:, I have 5:eek:! I don't have time to clicker train them. Besides, I have one that is dumb as a rock. Great kitty, but WAY dumb (I love him to death(y)).

Good luck with your awesome dogs and cool cat. ;)


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Awwww,your rescue stories are heartbreakingly touching,well done you for giving those babes a chance to be loved :love:(y)
The warmest of welcome to you,looking forward to get to know you,you must have soo many stories to tell about all of your babies:)


lol it has taken me over a week just to get into a rythm with the dogs, I put them in the bathroom and take 1 out at a time . I then click each dog for 3-5 min and then switch.... each dog gets 2 turns...... Thing is that the cat is always sitting and watching the 1 being clicked so i am going to get him in the program after the end of the month..... am really going to need to stock up on treats :eek: