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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by malken, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. malken New Member

    Hi all. I'm a first time dog owner. My dog is named seneca. he's a complete mutt. He's a really high energy dog and he loves learning new tricks. after three training sessions he's already pretty reliable at play dead (though not for long)

  2. gardengirl Well-Known Member

    Welcome, New Guy! I've been away for a few weeks and just back to the forums. This is a great place - I think you and Seneca will enjoy it. I have a collie and live in California. I love to teach tricks!
  3. posie New Member

    welcome malken
    yes I agree gardengirl this is a great place i am sure your dog will not be so full of energy if you teach her a couple of new tricks!
  4. philip_puppy09 New Member

    welcome to the academy!
  5. malken New Member

    I joined because I'm not terribly inventive in terms of thinking of new tricks and the little guy is thirsty for knowledge.

    He's a total mutt but he looks like a tint border colly with grey poodle-esque fur on his legs. He definately has a herding instinct. he's always trying to herd me by lightly nipping at my ankles when he's excited.
  6. good_doggie New Member

    welcome to the academy,malken!

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