New Golden puppy


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Hello all,

We have a 4 month old golden retriever. We just completed a basic class on dog obidence and it was pretty bad. It was a set up to get you to keep on coming back. We are not. Typed in a search in Yahoo and this site was the first hit. I joined. Glad to learn and have a happy puppy.:dogsmile:


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Welcome to the Academy!! I would highly recommend subscribing to the classroom since you had such a terrible experience with the class. Your pup is still young enough to soak in everything you can teach him(NOT that you can't teach an old dog new tricks!--just that now it's very easy and good for puppy), so it'd be a good idea to get to work! Sorry for your bad experience with the "trainer." :dogblush: Check out the classroom if you can, otherwise feel free to post any questions you may have here on the forum. Welcome to the Academy, enjoy the site, and good luck with your Golden! :)


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I strongly suggest another class if you are into classes. It is the BEST way to socialize a young dog. Esp an exuberant high energy dog like a Golden (I have two) learns from an environment where he is exposed to the things that are new and different and exciting. They need to learn to react appropriately to these things.

The classroom is great and a wonderful foundation for teaching you to teach your dog. There is no substitute for positive experience exposure though. Resist the temptation to isolate b/c it never works out the best for your dog.

Why was this other class so terrible? Was the style just totally not your style or was your pup just out of control? I started out with a bunch of wild golden puppies in all my classes and they ended up much better with that and daily home training and lots lots lots of exercise.

Welcome and much luck. :doglaugh: