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Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by laramie, Nov 6, 2011.

  1. laramie Experienced Member

    I'm really excited about my new doggie cookbook that I got today. It's called The Organic Dog Biscuit Cookbook from the Bubba Rose Biscuit Company. I don't really care about it being organic, so that's not why I bought it. The real reason I bought it was 221 pages of awesome and simple recipes:love: for a wannabe cook. It has a gorgeous textured cover. I know you can't judge a book by its cover, but good covers always get me.
    In the beginning, it tells you everything you will need, from the food aspect to the equipment. The only thing it doesn't have that I would like it to is a list of what not to feed your dog in the beginning. The other cookbooks that I have do, however, have this list, so I'm all good.

    By the way, the other cookbooks are called The Healthy Dog Cookbook by Jonna Anne and Mary Straus (a canine nutritionist) and the second one is The Dog Treat Cookbook by Liz Palika. I definitely recommend looking into both of these books.
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  2. Kaysie Member

    I put all those books on my x-mas list this year. Having three dogs, it would be better in the long run for me to make their cookies instead of buying them. Thanks for the great idea!
  3. laramie Experienced Member

    You are very welcome. I do recommend you going to look at them first instead of just having them ordered. There was a cookbook that I wanted, but when I actually flipped through it, I didn't like it.
  4. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    are these flour based recipes or what?
    dogs don't need flour.
    flour is not toxic to dogs, but is completely unneccessary for dog health, there is no nutrient in flour that any dog ever needs... ever.
    but, i doubt an occasional 'now and then' flour treat hurts a dog.
  5. laramie Experienced Member

    The Organic Dog Biscuit Cookbook uses oat or rice flour if any as far as I can tell. Even if they did use flour, you can always substitute if your dog has wheat allergies. In The Ultimate Dog Treat Cookbook, they tell you to use ground up high quality dog food instead of flour and I don't use the Healthy Dog Cookbook for treats, just meals. But the book was co-written by a canine nutritionist, so I trust it.
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  6. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    //"In The Ultimate Dog Treat Cookbook, they tell you to use ground up high quality dog food instead of flour .."//
    that is brilliant! absolutely so clever! love it! Wow, this opens up whole new possibilities for me to invent new types of treats now and then. THANK YOU!!
  7. laramie Experienced Member

    You're very welcome. ;)

    You should check out a recipe that I posted the other day. It's pumpkin and cranberry treats. It does have flour, but I usually substitute with ground up oats. You could do the same or use dog food. It's great for the holidays since there's lots of pumpkin on sale.
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