New Dog....yes, Finally!


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LOL already started!!! But I would like to get some more pictures of her first.
The best thing about all of it....since she was a client's dog before my own, I had already started teaching retrieves, and recalls. She already sits when she comes to you. She already sits and waits for food(with lots of wiggling, lol). She has a relatively good leave-it, still needs work but has been started.
So really, much of her obedience just needs further developed. :)

More playing with Zeke this morning. Super cute. ^^ They are pals for good now. I'm happy, I can relax now knowing that everyone gets along extremely well.
Maybe I can get a picture of the three of them before I go to work today...

I don't want to put my foot in my mouth, but from working with her with her former owner and seeing her now it seems she really has no problems. It feels weird to not have a dog with problems. Zeker's with his shyness, his fear agression and SA that we worked through, greeting people, etc. Mud was food aggressive when I first got her. Rusty was dog aggressive till the day he died, but a constant work in progress.
Now here's Gypsy, and I just don't know what to think of her not having any issues. She's completely fine, I can focus 100% on just teaching her new things and improving old things.
Wow. O_o


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Watch out you dont get bored... LOL My vet once asked me (jokingly) why I dont get a "normal" dog... I said "what would I do with myself??? normal dogs are BORING!" LOL