New dog owner with a border collie


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I've grown up with a few family dogs, but I've never owned my own dog. I finally took the jump and adopted my own border collie today. Her name is Mia Sophia and she is a very well behaved dog so far. Approximate age is 2 years, and she knows a couple commands such as sit. Still learning new tricks the dog already knows! Loves the tennis ball and according to the shelter she can catch frisbees too.

First thing I found when I got her home was that she scratched a lot. I took a close look and I found a flea. I know from experience fleas are NO fun, so I ran right out and got some flea shampoo and collar. I gave her a bath and have not seen a single flea for the rest of the night. I also found out that the shampoo and collar I bought (Hartz brand) has a TERRIBLE reputation for poisoning dogs!! Especially the flea drops that you apply to the dogs back have been known to kill dogs. Anyway, I'm hoping it was a couple rogue fleas she picked up from the shelter and they are gone now.

This is a picture I took from the humane society website, which I think the previous owner took, but this is her.


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Adopting a dog is a wonderful thing! :)

Be careful with these products against fleas, always ask a vet before applying one. :msnwink:


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Its great that you adopted. I also have a border collie that i waited 10 years to get. I hope your ready for the nonstop energy, lol. I had read about them and even been around other people who had them, but nothing could prepare me for Paisley's seemingly boundless energy. This is probably my favorite quality in him though. How is Mia Sophia's energy.


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Georgeous!!! I have a tri-color BC as well. This site will help you a lot in keeping her mentally stimulated. This is critical with BCs, and I know trick-training has really helped mine stay mentally healthy and happy. =) She always has to be busy.


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This is why I would never get a BC... :D
I adore them, ang can't get enough of them, but I would never have the energy to get them satisfied... :LOL: They are just tooo energetic for me. Just like a hungarian breed, Mudi... They are almost the same as borders, maybe less active, but still, they always have to do sometihng. :D