New Dog Owner And Trainer In The Making

Jenny J.

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Hello My name is Jenny, an animal admirer. I have two special needs dogs: Luna a Jack-a-Poo with a heart condition at 1 year old and Peanut a Toy Fox Maltese with Fear/trust issues like no other at 2 1/2/ years old.
My mission at the moment is to give each of these pups a new lease on life. Luna is pure puppy but unfortunately her heart keeps her slow and steady, therfore giving her some training or in simple terms something to do, she can continue to fight and stay healthy. Peanut needs to learn to trust again, and to understand the world is not so scary. With him my mission is to allow him to venture out into the world knowing I am right by his side.
They both are quick learners and enjoy it. I just hope I will be able to train them and give them the tools they need to be the good little dogs I know they can be, and in turn I hope to gain the knowledge I need to keep them happy, healthy, and entertained until there last day on this earth.



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Hi and welcome to the forum;)
It sounds like your doing a great job at helping these two super cute dogs - well done you(y)
This site is full of useful information on training as well as videos showing how to train certain tricks - you'll never run out of ideas again:D


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Welcome to the DTA!

I have 5 special needs dogs (If you can call them all that) 3 deaf dogs, 2 with sight impairment as well, one extremely fearful and paranoid dog, and one fear aggressive dog. Tricks helps build trust and confidence, so dont count out tricks for your fearful little guy

This is my little paranoid dog... I nearly fell over when she gave this a shot!!!

and my fear aggressive boy will ignore fear-inducing people in order to do tricks, so I can use this to help build his confidence around strangers... it's working beautifully!


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Hi and welcome to DTA. You've come to the right place to get loads of ideas. There are lots of great people, loads of tricks, info, ideas, and just talk - welcome, and have fun! Oh - and mostly, thanks for giving a home to these two sweet pups.