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hey everybody!

My names Josh and I just took in a little puppy that I believe is a doberman named Desmond. I found him on the street and took him in. He's incredibly smart, loving, and obedient. In just about 3 days he's starting to get the commands sit, come, and he's great on walks and runs. I'm a first time dog owner, but I know that its gonna be work and its gonna be a challenge to raise Des' right and I'm willing to do the work. So anyone who has any tips on how to raise a Doberman, I'd really appreciate the help!

Josh and Desmond


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Be the pack Leader. Dobermans are beautiful dogs and very loyal. Don't let people make you believe that he is untrainable and vicious because of his breed. I've known many many beautiful great tempermant Dobies. Just remember exercise discpline and then love. I'm sure he will grow up to be a great dog. And good on you for rescuing him, if it wasn't for you he could be dead by now, one person can make a huge difference! If possible watch a lot of Dog Whisperer and you'll be set!
Good luck!


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Just remember in spite of what you see on TV that leadership is very different than dominance. I had a wonderful Dobie years ago and being gentle but consistent with him was the key. He never did much of anything I didn't want him to and always came when called. He was a rare dog. I’m so glad you were kind enough to bring this one into your life.

I forgot to add re your advice question: get a good clicker training book. A dog this will learn quickly and clicker trained dogs offer/invent the neatest things. I like Click for Joy, Don't Shoot the Dog, and Clicker training for obedience. Don't worry the clicker is only for teaching, once taught you don't need it again until you find a new thing to teach like the monthly challenges on this site.