New Aussie member!


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Hi Guys,
i've just discovered your great site:dogbiggrin: and can't wait to explore it!
I'm owned by two Chis (Cindy & Piccolo), a Irish Wolfhound x (Scoota), and a Bullmastiff (Lulu). Scoota is the one i do most of my trick training with as he is the most responsive.

Is there many Australian members here? i know there is primarily American users here so i am very interested in knowing lots about the dog training world on the other side of the world. i haven't been able to find a site like this that is aussie....:dogunsure:


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I'm in Melb, there are a few Aussies here but they're few and far between.
Good luck with your training



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Hi Sabby, welcome to the DTA.
I'm up in Brisbane, it's a great community and web site, lots to read and talk about, and the competitions are great fun.

Don't forget to send some pics up to the site of your dogs. We'd love to see them.


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Almost ...

I am in Canada but I have two Australian shepherd pups - does that count??:dogbiggrin:

Great site with a wealth of information and good company, Welcome!!


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Hi I've just joined as well , I'm in the Hunter Valley ( vineyards ) so there is a few Aussies , I'm owned by a very spoilt cairn terrier , i just love him to death