New around here -- from Maryland

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Hello! My name is Brittany. I've got a 1 year old Yorkie who is a giant in his world, weighing in at 13lbs ;) He's an awesome dog... super, super smart and the best pal I could have asked for. I highly enjoy training him tricks and he knows about 12-13 right now and we're still always learning. Just wanted to say hey!


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:welcome: Glad you found this site!! I love this DogTrickAcademy, hope you keep coming back!! Your dog sounds like lot of dog packed into a small package!! I bet he is super cute!


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Hey Brittany, welcome to the site! (I'm a little late, I know - sorry!) :msnblushing:

Is your dog's name Jackson? I love the picture - so cute!

Be sure to check out the challenges held on the form here - they can be a lot of fun to follow/participate in! Not sure when the next one will be, but keep your eyes peeled!

Enjoy the site! :msnohyes: