nervous peeing


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I just started having alittle bit of a problem with my shepherd pup (5 months) he started peeing sometimes when he is excited sometimes if someone new is around (great temperment) to pet him. sometimes if I take his colloar to put him out when he wants to stay in.
Any idea on whats going on and how to correct it. Help I need CESAR (ha ha) Any advice would be great. Other than that he is the greatest dog and super smart!!!


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I've never had this problem before but here is my thought. Maybe if you can let him meet someone really quickly and then walk away and reward him with a treat and praise or a favorite toy....before he has the chance to tinkle or get too excited?? Maybe that will help? If he is getting excited before even going towards the person, maybe you can wait until he settles down before greeting them? Also, he is very young still and could very well grow out of it and learn to control is urge to urinate when he gets excited? Good luck. Sorry I don't have any other ideas, hope this helps.


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maybe you could call your vet and ask if there's a chance he has a bladder infection or some other medical reason that makes it harder for him to hold it in. yes when puppies are excited they can tend to lose control rather easily, mine has a few times when he was younger, but he grew out of it.