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  1. southerngirl Honored Member

    There is a Boxer in my neighborhood that terrorizes the people and animals of the neighborhood. It chased my cousin across the street into his car and tried attacking him while he was in the car. Than my mom was on my four-wheeler with my little brother and the dog was barking and growling at them the owner was watching this my mom yelled some pretty convincing words to him let's just say it's been months since we've seen this dog. Turns out the owner needs a reminder. That darn dog attack my cousins (the one that was chased into the car) Chihuahua. It broke Pipers leg(the chihuahua) and left a hole in her side.:cry: I love dogs and I understand it is not the dogs fault that it's owner is lazy and irresponsible, but something needs to be done. I'd hate to have to call the pound cause it would be put to sleep. If anyone has any ideas of what I could do please let me no otherwise I'll call the pound for the safety of my family my dogs and neighbors.

  2. Dodge Well-Known Member

    :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry: awwwww no,such a shame,I can soooo understand your fury and would understand why you would want to call the pound ))hugs to you((
    Are you on talking terms with the owners? I have had a few screaming matches with super duper stupid dog owners and they wont give me a minute to talk . . .not that I really want to talk to them either,but for the dogs sake I would give it a go,but NOOOOO way :censored::ninja: most idiots like that think I m a right more-on trying to sound clever,never mind trying to help their dog :rolleyes::cautious:

    Try to talk to them if you can,offer to help with the training (most people like that havent got a clue and wouldnt find patient people to help with the training,ie sitting or standing a way off for their dog to get used to dogs or people) pass on advice if they are interested :love:

    Best of luck with this,really hope that something can be done for this dog,you never know,they may be greatfull if you offer to help :love:
  3. running_dog Honored Member

    In the UK I'd certainly report the owner to the police as owning and not restraining a dangerous dog. Chances are they'd get a visit from a neighbourhood enforcement officer and a warning to keep the dog under control/leashed/muzzled. In the UK we have a legal responsibility to report serious dog attacks on humans. I don't know whether it works the same way in the US. If the dog gets put down then so be it. It is better dead than killing another dog that DOES have a responsible owner or even worse injuring/killing a child/adult.

    Maybe other people will take a different approach but I know that I would be prepared to kill another dog that attacked my dog and was doing that scale of damage.

    EDIT - Dodge, we must of kind of posted simultaneously, LOL complete opposites too :ROFLMAO:Maybe you are right that a softly softly approach will work with the owner, but it does need to work really fast because tomorrow, or the next day, or the next, that dog could maul a child. It is a time bomb waiting to go off and the owner on track record can't be trusted to be responsible.
  4. southerngirl Honored Member

    Thanks for your comments. I really don't think saying anything to the owner will do much good like I said he saw the dog barking and growling at my mom and little brother and didn't do anything until my mom yelled at him. He just doesn't seem to care that the dog is dangerous.
  5. sara Moderator

    You should report it, sorry to say. Not to the pound either, but the police. This is a dangerous dog, what if it's a kid who gets hurt next time? Sad, I know, but hopefully the owner'll be fined and the dog wont get the death penalty, the owner will just have to take responsibility.

    Here, if a dog attacks another dog or a person, the first fine is upwards of $2500. the dog must then be kept in a locked inclosure in the yard, or in the house, the dog must be muzzled when outside of those areas, and signs posted on all entrances onto the property. The dog is not allowed in any off leash park (muzzled or not). If the dog ever gets loose the fine is doubled, etc.
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  6. southerngirl Honored Member

    Sara it's pretty much the same thing here the owner decides whether they want to put the animal to sleep or to keep them with all the precautions you mention, sadly I think the owner would chose to put it to sleep. When it's not running around the poor dog is on a chain. He doesn't get taken on walks. thank you everyone for your comments they've been really helpful. I'm going to go on my pounds website to find out who to contact. I hate it but I have a nine year old brother and a lot of little kids who are always over. For their safety and of course my dogs I'm going to report this dog.
  7. jackienmutts Honored Member

    I'm late in this discussion, but I'd also encourage you to report the dog/owner (it's obviously not the dog's fault it's allowed to run loose). It's proven it IS a dangerous dog, you know it's attacked and injured at least one dog - there may be more. And if it's barked and growled at your mom, a human could be next. In the name of keeping everyone safe - dogs, children, and adults - knowing what you know, it seems it is your responsibility to report what you know. How the police/animal control choose to handle it, is out of your control. Keep us posted.
  8. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    I have been in your shoes. My neighbors had a shepherd mix that was incredibly aggressive; he would charge me in my own yard and definitely meant business. He attacked Mudflap once, tried to attack Z when he was a puppy, and attacked several other dogs in the neighborhood. We lived outside the city limits, and the law enforcement said until he attacked a person they weren't going to come check it out. :mad: Morons. The entire neighborhood rallied against these people and nothing changed. They didn't try to keep him fenced, they didn't try to stop him from going after people or animals, they just didn't care. This dog was waaaaaaay beyond help, so to be honest it would have been better for him and for the neighborhood if he had been put down. He obviously wasn't a happy dog. We dealt with him till the day he died(got hit by a car--see what not keeping your dog fenced does for you? :mad:). My neighbors are total idiots and I can't stand them.

    Anyway...if your law enforcement is better than mine, definitely turn them in. Although it's probably not likely, maybe you could contact some rescues that might be willing to rescue and work with him(if he can be helped; sounds a lot like my neighbor's dog....)?

    I know how terrible it is to see your dog injured by another dog, and members of your family injured or terrorized by a dog. You will be able to relax knowing you don't have to worry about that if the dog is gone---even if that means he is put down. I am the biggest animal lover you will ever meet, but when it comes to the safety of my own animals, it's not negotiable.
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