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Discussion in 'General Dog Training' started by CollieMan, Oct 14, 2007.

  1. marieke New Member

    All yolle555's video's are great. I found her stuff a couple of weeks ago when I was searching for dog tricks to inspire me.

    Have a look at this, she's great too:


  2. marieke New Member

    More inspiration:

    J.R. Johns and his friends:


  3. emmasmamma Guest

    Emma jumps into my arms every time I come home from being away, but I can't get her to do it on command. Any suggestions?
  4. marieke New Member

    Did you try adding a command every time she jumps? So she'll start to relate the word with jumping in your arms?
  5. xsara New Member

    Take a clicker when you leave and click when she does it on her own. Otherwise I taught this trick like this: I sat on something low and held a treat in my hand, then I called her and told her to jump. Since she jumps on the bed all the time she didn't have problems with that. When she was comfortable with this I put some pillows on the bed and sat on them so that I was a little higher. When she was comfortable with it I added more pillows, until I was basically standing in front of the bed. The last step was to do it away from the bed, step by step. I hope this helps to anyone, but if your dog already does it on her own, I would reward her when she does it and try to cause the situation in which she does the behavior more often (leave for 5 minutes and come back with a clicker ready).
  6. emmasmamma Guest

    Thanks! I've tried the command, but she hasn't caught on yet. I'll give the clicker a try!
  7. achieve1dream Experienced Member

    If I'm not mistaken the video posted with the circus video, is that the same guy?

    Oh and the video with the 10.5 week old GSD puppy, I love the way it used its tail to balance like a kangaroo. :)
  8. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    CollieMan, i may be remembering wrong, but aren't you the one who didn't enjoy "doggie dancing"? This looks to me so much like the dog dancing video i posted, very similar, the unstoppable eye-contact, only it is outdoors, instead of indoors...
    Me, i love dog dance videos!! Music, dog-human bond that comes right through the screen, cues that are maybe even subtle to my untrained eye, rhthym, flow of tricks that is so attractive, the dogs appear to be enjoying it, etc etc.
    ....... I don't understand the difference between this and "dog dancing" at all, but i am new here!!!

    BUT IT IS AWESOME VIDEO!! Music DOES add so much to these kinda videos!!! (i love music!!)
  9. CollieMan Experienced Member

    Well, not strictly true. I can appreciate the effort, and the skill. I just can't see the point of the silly costumes, the contrived movement, and the music. I don't think either is needed to appreciate what the dog does. It always strikes me as really odd that dogs performing tricks is such a maligned pursuit but dressing up and dancing with your dog is perfectly acceptable. But hey, I'm still opening the hate-mail from the last time I spoke about it so don't get me some more. :)

    Each to their own. Some people find competitive obedience supremely pointless and boring, but I could watch it for hours...
  10. tigerlily46514 Honored Member


    Oh, sorry, if anyone does NOT deserve hate-mail, it is you, CollieMan!! Ya'll stop that now!! :dognowink: Yeah, i don't know about costumes either, i haven't seen those kinda videos yet, but i'm sure the costumed-ones must be floating around somewhere out there.
    Ha, speaking of costumes---:offtopic: ha ha, i got two lil jackets for Buddy (it is occasionally -10 or -15 with windchill here, and Buddy HAS to walk to woods to poop, it's HIS rule, not even sure how he trained US to know this!!?-- :msngiggle: so we ARE outside, sometimes in severe winds,at least 15 minutes), and our dog IS jsut moved here from a much warmer climate than this one, so i wanna bundle him a lil bit, see.

    One is a soft sweater of mine that i cut sleeves to fit Buddy, and use a bread twister on back to loop the waistline up on his midback to fit his waist, the other is a wind-breaker style jacket with some cuts in it to fit Buddy's ever increasing muscle-y shoulders!!! :msnohyes: HE DID LOOK SOooo ADORABLE IN IT--BUT--we Had to give up the windbreaker, Buddy hated it!! The sweater is do-able, but he isn't crazy about it, either). So probably many dogs don't like costumes, since my dog isn't wild about his jackets.:dognowink:

    Me, i LOVE MUSIC, and i love dancing anyway, so maybe that is why doggie-dancing is so appealing to me anyway. The flow of moves is so neat to watch..the eye contact...but I'm still working on basics like recall-with-distractions, ha ha!!:doglaugh: so this probably increases my awe at such things.
    I don't even know what competitive obedience IS, :msniwonder: i will have to google that!
  11. snooks Experienced Member

    IMHO I think partly it's a matter of perception. A well choreographed performance to music can be more fun and inspiring to a wider audience that knows less about dog training. To someone with experience training who is aware of the hours of training, effort, timing, practice, skill, intelligence, and physical strength/limitations, the actions themselves are inspiring in the absence of music because they know the incredible work that went into the simplest movements.

    I saw the Lipazzaners doing airs above the ground many years ago. These horses are the only ones that physically can do the movement of having all hooves off the ground at the same time. Many people don't really think about the difficulty of teaching a horse to do what these horses do when it is, in fact, phenomenal. That they make it look effortless is more monumental. Watching the entire performance in silence except for the snorting of the horses and the beats of their hooves made it awe inspiring.

    The Lipazzaners now do most of their performances with music to perhaps appeal to a wider audience. When there is no music to distract the need for absolute perfection and execution seems much higher to me. Perspective plays a part. Paragility for example, wouldn't be nearly as moving without the knowledge of the competitors' special circumstances.

    While I love the music and love freestyle I think the purity and perfection (or lack of) of the teamwork is sometimes lost or blended away.

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