Need to name a trick...


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Funny! My dog knows foot (lifts left back leg), leg (right back leg), paw (left front), and "other paw" (right front). I wish I'd been more creative coming up with the cues. :dogbiggrin:


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Lol Sarha I've been hopelessly searching for a fire hydrant. Clickertrickdog(YouTube) managed to find a garden ornament that was just the right size. I've been much less lucky, lol. But the end result for me would be for her to hike her leg anywhere I direct her.

I like the "what do boy dogs do." Very cute.
Monsterdog, I did think about just teaching her a random cue because I originally wanted to teach her to lift each leg to a cue, but for some reason I've drifted from it and converted to wanting a leg-hiking trick. I'll probably still teach her to lift all of them(she already lifts front legs, and now one back leg) to some cue but I'm not sure what. The leg hiking trick is so cute I just have to add a cue for that. ^^ Still haven't decided on a command, but she has it down perfectly with me putting my hand at her hip. I haven't come up with a hand sign either yet. o-0