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I have a beatiful border collie puppy that I am training. Her name is Mya and she is a complete sweetheart. The problem is that she is incredably smart and has learned all of the basic tricks. She knows how to sit, lay down, beg, paw, walk on a leash, and agility. At about 8 weeks old she was able to do all of these tricks, and now, at 14 weeks I don't know what to teach her! I tryed doing things like "bow", but she is just to small. Any ideas? Thanks


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How about the Bang! trick with a twist - 1st time you "shoot" she starts limping, the second time crawling, and on the third "shot" she falls over "dead" lol, i think thatd be cute.


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Yes, Border Collies will really improve your training and teach you to get creative. Mud's helped me with this because, like you, I ran out of ideas. So here you go...some are fairly basic and some are a bit more advanced.

-Wave(either a normal wave or waving from the beg position)
-Leg Weave
-Backwards tricks
-High fives(I personally do fives from a sit and "up high"--giving both fronts to your hands from back legs. For now you'll have to bend down to work with her height, but she'll understand as she grows)
-The Dead trick sequence as already suggested
-Lifting certain legs on command
-Stick 'em up! (Putting front paws against a wall)
-Advancing the tricks she already knows---adding distractions until she's perfect with all kinds of distractions
-Walking on hind legs--forward, backwards---if she's developed enough to handle it
-Retrieve specific objects--remote, keys, leash, toys by name, lead a horse--work with the HORSE as well, of course
-Distance work(responding to commands with you at a distance)
-Advancing her stays to make them longer distance and time
-Jumping your legs, arms
-Jump onto your back(if she's big enough)
-Hut, hut, HIKE! (If you're a football fan...find a kid's toy plush football and have her "hike" the ball between her back legs. She should paw it with her front paw back between her hind legs.)

Hmm...what else...I know I have more but can't think of any off the top of my head. Go to YouTube and look for Skidboot videos. He's good. Also, is great. She does great stuff with her dogs. There's a vid here on DTA somewhere with a dog named Dazzle that also does some neat tricks.


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Try some shaping, and let her think of a trick! :)
Get an object, like a mat, or a bottle, and let her think of tricks. Reward every behaviour, and when you like one, try to ask only for that.
Dogs can make up very cute tricks.
Like the trick I am teaching now. She picks up a plush ball, shakes it, and throws it away... :D And this, she made up! :D