Need Luring Trick Ideas.


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Since I haven't been able to shape my dog's behaviour and Tigerlily recommended me to do more luring tricks so my dog finds "unusual" behaviours rewarding, I'm looking for new trick ideas.
He knows:
  • Sit,
  • Down,
  • Stay,
  • Let's go,
  • Stand,
  • Play dead,
  • Sit pretty,
  • Spin,
  • Kiss,
  • Nose targeting, and,
  • Cross through my legs (working on jumping through them).
  • Also we're working on standing on his hind legs (dunno the name of the trick).
I want to teach him tricks that should be taught by luring or that mustbe taught by luring because they can't be shaped. I'd rather avoid tricks that are best taught shaping.

New ideas? Also he doesn't like using paws/mouth too much (he doesn't paw at objects, and he doesn't carry around things and stuff like that).


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I should teach him to roll over on cue because he does it ALL THE TIME. Good idea :LOL:.
Is this back up?

Teaching figure eights should be easy. When my dog crosses through my legs he positions himself next to my right leg so it's kinda like half an eight figure.

Thanks for the ideas!

If anybody else wants to add, the more tricks I get to know, the more tricks I can add to the queue :p.


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MY dog loves pick up your toys:

super easy to teach:D , and my dog freakin LOVES this trick, aaand, it's so handy when you want to vaccuum.

lotsa ways to teach this trick, but here is my way is in Reply #5, and my dog "got it" right away.

btw, i am not 100% sure that is exactly what i said,:ROFLMAO: but, coulda been, but whatever! lol, the "shaping fans" will be by with ideas on how to get your dog to shape tricks. I justthink the more tricks you get under your belt, and your dog's belt, the better off you are!! Luring is super easy, imo.


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Luring is easy, but it takes longer for my dogs to learn the behaviour, and I'm not very good at fading the lure... I taught most of Oliver's older tricks by luring, and he's dependent on the lure :( He's tough to get to offer behaviours, unless it's a free shaping session with a novel object... at the last clicker training demo I did, Oliver was pushing a wheeled suitcase across the room with just 11 clicks:eek: I was floored!!!

And I cant do any luring with Mouse, as her mind clicks into "FOOD! FOOD! FOOD! FOOD!" Mode... :rolleyes:. Though I can lure with a target stick, as there's no food infront of her, she has to touch the stick with her nose to get food ;)


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Yeah, good point, luring does not necessarily mean the dog is being led around by food. I mean one elicits or triggers the wanted behavior by one method or another.

Jean the admin has great blog on how to fade a lure.


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I don't like luring much because it's like... the dog isn't really thinking a lot. Or, at least, much less than with shaping. But for my dog it's really easy to learn something by luring. Shaping is hard because you can sit for like an hour and he'll repeat the learned tricks over and over until he gets frustrated and leaves, haha. Sometimes he does some new behaviours the days he's REALLY excited to work, though.

@Tigerlily: It was more or less like that :ROFLMAO: . At least I remember the concept in my mind, but I'm bad at expressing stuff.


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//I don't like luring much because it's like... the dog isn't really thinking a lot//


my dog can go find a named item, and deliver it to whoever i tell him to, all taught by luring.
(multi-step cue) OH, he's thinking, he's definitely thinking.

my dog can go get a beer out of the fridge,and bring it to his "daddy", all taught by luring.

my dog can walk in a perfect heel, eyes on me, all taught by luring.

my greatest dog training "trick" of all, so far====my dog can calmly walk by another dog. mostly taught by luring (eliciting calm behavior by giving him calming signals + years of lured desensitization efforts). THAT is his greatest accomplishment to date, and it took everything he had to be able to do that. My eyes watered the first time he ever did it. Or the times i've gotten him to sit and calmly observe another dog barking his head off.
don't tell me a dog isn't "thinking" when we lure them. the rest of you can all think so, but, i disagree.

i disagree that dogs don't have to "think" if they are lured.:rolleyes: I also use shaping at times, too. and "capturing"<---i rather love capturing.

but i really do think the more dogs come to understand the concept of "doing odd things earns me rewards"
= the better your chances of having a "thinking" dog, or of increasing the dog's "thinking".


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I agree with tigerlily, dogs do have to think when luring. That is the only way I have taught my dog Missy and I can see the gears turning when I'm teaching her a new trick. Missy's training sessions are usually only five to ten minutes sometimes shorter, but I do several a day cause any longer than that she would get frustrated and that's no fun for the dog so maybe you could consider doing shorter training sessions, just do several short ones a day.


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my dog almost ALWAYS adds in a step of his own, on all lured tricks. It's Buddy's custom, AFTER he has fully grasped the behavior *I* wanted-----almost without fail, Buddy will add in something extra,
and if i click that, it stays.

if i don't click it, he drops it.

and sometimes, i LOVE his additions!!! Like, when i taught him to pick up his toys, HE added in a fancy lil jump OVER the toybox as he drops the toy into the toybox.

AND NOW, that IS now part of his pick up toys trick. Dogs can and do "think" even when they are being lured.


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I also agree. A lot of Shivon's tricks have been taught with luring, and I definately think that she is thinking when she learns the trick.:) Roll in a blanket, weave, crawl, spin,.... I have taught these and more with luring. For trick sessions, I usually keep them short, but I spend about 1 hour to 1 hour 1/2 on trick sessions each day (they are REALLY spread out, lol:ROFLMAO:) For a new trick, I keep the session short (5 mins.) and regular sessions are 10-15 mins. long.:)