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I have a dog named Lucky. She is smart but doesn't know how to lie down. She knows how to sit or come when called but sometimes she doesn't listen to my command. I need help to stop her from wandering away from home. I give her a walk 3 times a day and give her plenty of exercise. I give her food and she still wanders away when she sees her gate(to keep her inside the garage/laundry room) she starts going somewhere. This happened more than 3 times! Last time she wandered from home and I :msncry: then we found her about 3 yards away from home! There was a time she went across the street and walked back across the street and nearly hit by a car! Please give me some tips!


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I'm not sure how big Lucky is but I know some people use the leg trick to get their dogs to lay down. I was pretty lucky with both Midnite and Hannah and they just followed the treat to the down position.

With the leg trick you sit with your leg bent like an upside down "V". Have your dog to the outside of you and then have Lucky follow a treat through the opening of your leg. She should have to go to the down position to get the treat through your leg. If that works then start associating the word "down" as you do it. Let me see if I can find a video since I'm more of a visual person.

As for the running away I would keep her safe by keeping her on a leash when your out. Until her recall is 100% she should not be given the chance to free roam. Also when the gate opens to her area you should teach her to "sit" and "stay" until you release her to go outside. That way she's not dashing outside the moment the gate moves.


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Try teaching Lucky boundary control. Find a line on the ground or door threshold you don't want him to cross. Get a hand full of hi-value treats. Put lucky on oneside of the boundary. As long as he satays there he get's treats and if he tries to cross you chase him back with a loud voice. It's easy to teach and works very well.


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I prefer to make it physically impossible for my dogs to run away or leave the house b/c we have mountain lions, coyotes, and elk which kill many dogs here every year. Is this an unfenced yard you're talking about? If so I would teach boundary control as suggested (great idea) and not allow the dog outside off lead until your training is very solid even in the face of HUGE distractions. This means daily or at least several times a week work with varying levels of distraction.

I wouldn't trust a dog under 2 years old to get this-the behaviorist I work with agrees with that time frame.

When we do door work body blocking is much more effective and a positive training technique which means it does not rely on yelling or fear of a physical threat for compliance. It requires thinking on the dog's part when you ask for a stay and block then reward for backing away or better yet choosing to stay. You want the decision to be the dog's and a willing one to work for reward---not learning to avoid a threat of yelling.

See Two videos by Dr Patricia McConnell Teaching Stay with treats and body blocks 1&2.

Best of luck to you with this. I am currently working on go to your spot when people come to the door with the help of neighbor. If the dogs break we shut the door and neighbor goes away for until they are able to hold a stay while she enters.