need help with training a labrador


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I have a 3months old puppy labrador, I've never owned a dog before so this is my first dog. So am finding it hard to train him.
Has anyone got any tips about training labradors? Pls Help!



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hey jean, thanx for replying.
well its just the basic training like sit, stay, stop and off.
It also have hyper attacks when it just runs around the house full speed, lol... and jumping on my 3 years old nephew whose smaller then him. I dunno why it does that!
Sorry am clueless about dogs.

Jean Cote

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Hi Amy!

Welcome to the club of owning a dog! :)

Your dog jumps on your nephew because he thinks it's fun! And I bet your nephew giggles and pets him too when he does it! :) Basically a dog will do things which brings him pleasure and he will not do things which brings him pain.

This website is built for you to learn how to train your dog. I am in the process of writing lessons and recording videos. Eventually you'll be able to teach him all the neat tricks that impress everybody :rolleyes:

Have you ever thought of joining a dog training class near you to learn obedience training?


training a labrador

As you have never owned a dog before I would imagine the problem is that the dog may not be reacting fast enough to training for what you as a human are used to.:confused: To get a new pup to sit for example. First take him for a good long walk to get the energy out of him.Get the best treat you can think of for him when you get home. I find dogs love salty type of meats, raw liver is good and well as liverwurst from the grocery store. Take the dog to a quite room and holding the treat in a loose fist let him get a real good smell, if he trys to get it or lick it you know you have the treat he likes. ;)Next think of a good finger signal ( I use a straight finger pointed across the room ) show him the finger signal and say sit.The signal helps give him something to focus on and think about. You can try puttling your finger on the floor ( some people will bring the treat up over his head and then straight along the back which can cause the dog to sit ). In your case I would not do that because it is more important for you to learn that the dog can think and if you wait long enough he will figure it out. If you see that happen you will never have a problem again because you will have learned the patientce you need to train him.:eek: It may take up to five minutes for him to figure it out. You will see him thinking about it, he might lay down, jump up, lick your face but he will try all sorts of different things to get the treat. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING FOR YOU IS NOT TO REACT TO ANY OF THIS AND ABOVE ALL BE PATIENT. KEEP LETTING HIM SMELL THE TREAT AND LET HIM KEEP THINKING ABOUT IT. AS SOON AS HE SITS GIVE THE TREAT RIGHT AWAY AND GIVE HIM A CONFETTI SHOWER OF PRAISE. Reapeat again, again you may have to wait for five minutes before he figures it out but the third time will be much faster and the 4th faster and so on.:)


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I agree with lonewolf first you need his energy drained and then you will have a better time getting his attention to you. Patience Patience Patience


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lonewolf;225 said:
As you have never owned a dog before I would imagine the problem is that the dog may not be reacting fast enough to training for what you as a human are used to.:confused:
I believe one of the problems could be that we expect more from the "smart breeds" like Labradors. :doghappy: My 11-year-old learned very quickly. She could (and can) learn a new trick in 15-20 minutes. However, my new puppy (almost 4 months old) is not learning as quickly. :dogwub:


Sugar- the running at full speed is what my family calls "the puppy crazies". Puppies get times when they are full of energy and the way the burn it off is to run at top speed. Regular exercise should help curb that.


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yes my dog were like that but now they sleep ALOT but when they are not sleeping we have A LOT of fun together dont worry about being new to having a dog we all have to get throgh that and then after that you will have heaps of fun ! maybe take him to the beach and have a walk a long that we don't have a beach near us but when we took them to the beach when we were staying with our friends thay had loads of fun !


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Oh I know puppy crazies!

I'd disagree slightly with draining all their energy before training. Puppies tire easily, and will be less likely to want to learn if they want to sleep. Pick a time where he seems quite calm, but still active.

With a puppy as young as that, you want training to be FUN, it has to be a game! If your puppy loves tugging on a tug toy, interrupt the game and lift the tug toy just above his head, and he will sit. Say 'sit' and then praise him like crazy, and carry on with your game. You can use the same method but with food instead of a toy. Training has to be short and quick, puppies have short attention spans.

With it being your first pup, I'd advise finding a good dog training class which uses positive methods.


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We're VERY familiar with the "puppy crazies" in our house too!- We call them "the zoomies", and every time my puppy, Baccio, would start zooming around the house, I'd say something with the word "ZOOMIE" in it (just commenting without thinking about it at all)- after a few weeks of this, he started to recognize the word, AND I STARTED to think about how to use it to our advantage... Who's training WHO, here, huh?!? Hahaha!

Now the "Go Zoomie" command is a playtime favorite of his, and since the weather where I live makes it difficult to play outside during the winter, it's become a great way to burn off energy!

Good luck!

:) Bsmom

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I have a jack russel terrior mix and zoomie is his middle name. We too can't always play outside, but he does 'zoom' around the house during play time. he also loves to use his treadmill, and have game time( learning time). What activities do you do with your "Zoomie" to keep his mind stimulated? Cody is extremely smart, in high drive constantly and looking for adventure. I need some new ways of giving him something to do.
Thanks Sharon


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My german shepherd also gets the zoomies quite often! We just chase each other around the house or yard for a minute! If he is having the zoomies I will approach him slowly in a 'stalking" manner, he will see me 'stalking' him and freeze staring at me intently with tail wagging, maybe woofing a bit, then I'll pause and we'll stare at each other for a few seconds, then we will suddenly "play bow' to each other at the same time (I do it by crouching and putting my hands on my knees, while he literally jumps up and lands in a full play bow) and then off he goes! I'll chase him then we'll turn around and he will chase me!! then suddenly he's got it out of his system and will just stop as suddenly as it began. Or we may combine it with a vigorous game of tug, that's another one that works off his mental energy and satisfies his drive

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hi , me and my sister want to get a puppy labrador each . i want a male and my sister a female. but we need to no if its better to train 2 males together or 1 male and 1 female.... plz help me ,thanks


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pia l;18264 said:
hi , me and my sister want to get a puppy labrador each . i want a male and my sister a female. but we need to no if its better to train 2 males together or 1 male and 1 female.... plz help me ,thanks
i feel it's all about individual temperament and the fit between all involved - humans as well as dogs. i looked for a dog who wanted to follow me, neither too eager to run up nor too shy to come over to me. i also looked for a dog who was smart but not so smart boredom could become an issue. i lucked out because i forgot about energy level. i'm a tortoise in life, low energy but out for the distance. my dog can mellow at home, but is up for a hike and a run. she is, probably, a little smarter and more physically capable than i was planning - but it's all made for a really good training experience so far.

training with the other dogs has been really good as well. getting used to dogs of all temperaments being around, whether or not my lily likes them that much, has been important. you know, it's one thing to master sitting for me alone at home and quite another when out and about.


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Try enrolling your dog in obedience school. Working with a professional trainer makes it much easier for your dog to understand what he can and can't do. Make sure he gets plenty of exercise and playtime. Remember that when your teach your dog a new command, to keep practicing for a few days that one command. Don't just make him learn new ones once he's preformed that command.

Good Luck teaching your dog!

Shasta and Gus the Boston Terrier


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i have a labrador cross, sit was easy for him to learn, paw is a little harder, sumtimes he does it n sumtimes he just looks confused...
also down down with my other dog I got him to sit, put my fist with the treat in on the floor then gradually moved it forward and he'd shuffle down.. Manny stands up and walks towards me instead lol