Need Help: Pug Pulling On My Pants

Discussion in 'Dog Behavior Problems' started by francis, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. francis New Member

  2. Jean Cote Administrator

    Do you want her to stop pulling on your pants? You have music playing but are you saying anything?
  3. francis New Member

    the music is an add on not actually playing while i was with her.if i kneel down shes mad to play and chew on my fingers ...I think im going to try the spray bottle because she could stay hooked on to me for 5 or more min...Sometimes if she does it i put her in dark spare room for 2 min and shes calmer when i let her out..Thats pugs ha.
  4. francis New Member

    u prob on about u could not hear what i was saying in the vid ..I tell her to stop but she only does when i put her in another room or lift her up
  5. mewzard Experienced Member

    For us removing the dog from our clothes and replacing it with a toy was very effective, if not just standing there until they got bored is a longer method but does get good results - when you walk with her attached she is being rewarded for it - it's like your whole leg is a tug toy!
    Was she trying to get you to go in the bath room? just thought it was odd that she just let go and ran and jumped in the bath [IMG]
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  6. Jean Cote Administrator

    Great post mewzard! I also noticed that: it's like a game for her.
  7. francis New Member

    Ya you have a fair point that i have encouraged it a bit .Ya i think just standing and waiting for her to stop does not correct the prob but turning her attention to something else as you sgeaid a toy...She does not get up stairs much and often she would hear the water in the pipe in the shower so think that got her attention..I dont leave her up as it only place in house with carpet and she would love to pee their..
  8. mewzard Experienced Member

    I'm assuming that she's a puppy... It's normal puppy behaviour, Oka used to hang onto anything at her head height -socks, trousers, dressing gowns, kids t-shirts, drove us batty couldn't get from the living room to the kitchen (about 10 steps)without having a 'hanger-on'.

    Try not to think of it as a problem - in her eyes she is playing a game and you are playing with her, if you do tell her to get off it all just nonsense sounds unless she understand (been taught) the words.../no/ doesn't mean a thing to her unless she's been taught that it means /stop doing the thing your doing/. Giving a toy in replacment for your trousers is saying "this is acceptable for you to bite and its more fun" particually if you are taking in a high pitch voice and have a smiley face.... used in conjunction with ignoring her pulling your trousers makes the toy more fun (especially a squeaky one [IMG]) and she will learn that a game with the toy gets more reaction from you.
    Standing still and looking away from Oka helped... then praising as soon as she let go was a great reinforcer. A stern 'ah-ah' or 'no' before she tried to bite clothes was a good way of distracting her from it.

    The best 'rule' that i've used to get through her puppy hood so far is "ignore what you don't want, praise the heck out of what you do!!"
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  9. new bear Well-Known Member

    You can teach your puppy the "settle on your mat" cue. Here is a great video on how to teach your puppy to settle on a mat: Once your puppy could settle on her mat, increase the criteria slowly by standing and walking around while she settles on her mat. This will let her learn to do other things, in this case is settle on her mat and not chasing and chewing your pants while you walk. Once she achieved this, drag a long tug toy beside you as you walk. Play tug with her in as she heels beside you. The tug toy is use to direct her attention from your pants to the tug toy so that she will learn to walk beside you but not chew at your pants. Once she can tug at the toy and walk beside you over a short distance (for example: 15 steps), reduce the amount of steps when she tug. For example, let her tug the toy beside you as you walk 5 steps and let her walk beside you without tugging at the tug toy or chewing your pants for the next 3 steps before letting her tug again for the next 5 steps and let her walk beside you without tugging at the tug toy or chewing your pants for the last 2 steps and give her lots of praise and a jackpot of treats at the end for her wonderful behavior. In this way, you can gradually increase the amount of steps without her tugging at the tug toy or chewing on your pants and decrease the amount of steps which she tugs at the tug toy while walking beside you until she can walk beside you for the whole distance without tugging at the tug toy or chewing at your pants. Patient is the key to success and most importantly, set your dog up for success. Here is another video that teaches you how to teach your puppy not to chew on your fingers: I prefer the above methods that I have stated to the spray bottle method or the time-out method which you put her in dark spare room that you use as I tried the spray bottle method to stop my dog from barking when she is a puppy. It spoils my bond and relationship with her and she is so scared of the spray bottle that she run away whenever she saw one. It makes my heart ache when I saw that. As her owner, she should be happy when she sees me no matter what I do but instead she is so scared of me and always cautious of me and the spray bottle. I should also help her overcome with her fears as her owner instead of adding fears to her life. Some dogs will be scared of the spray bottle at first but after a few times, they may get used to it or even enjoy it and think that it is a game as they have fun "biting" the water that comes out of the spray bottle. When this happens to your puppy, the spray bottle method is no longer useful, instead, it might reinforce the behavior and cause the problem to become worse. To me, the spray bottle is a control to the problem, not a solution to the problem as if she chew your pants but you do not have a spray bottle around with you, you cannot control the problem. It is the same for the time out method. If she chews at your pants when you are walking her out in the park where there is no room for you to put her in, you cannot control the problem. Putting her in a dark room might also lead her to being fearful of the dark which will results in more problems in the long run. As you carry her and put her in the dark room, she might associate having carried with a negative result which is going to the dark room and no more attention. She will not let you carry her if this continues and it will become another greater problem for you. Hope these methods and suggestions help you and your puppy. Have a great day with your puppy! :)
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  10. Ina Well-Known Member

    I love kikopup ! Emily shows step by step what to do in her video - and she is amazing with dogs.
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