Need Help Naming Him!!


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I need help naming him…. I just can't think of anything that fits. He is friendly, hyper, and pretty much crazy!



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What did his old owners call him?? You obviously didn't like their choice of name?

I'm terrible at picking names so I think I better just stay right out of this one.... that and it took me almost 2 weeks after getting Evie to finally decide on a name for her... She was commonly known as 'puppy'


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I swear, those eyes ... they are trouble with a capital T :ROFLMAO: ... sitting here giggling... :LOL::ROFLMAO: Oh how I wish Tx would appear, she'd be JEALOUS and she'd come up with some names, too. I want to play with your little bad boy so bad, I want to reach thru my screen..... he is one stinkin' cute little guy!!! :love: He looks like just the kinda dog I like, I like 'em feisty (in a good way).

I'll be thinking of him and a name all day at work today..... :LOL: Get back with ya later.....


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Again LOVE him!!!:love::love: I really like southerngirl's suggestions.:) You can type, for example, names for a crazy dog, or something like that, puppy names, unique puppy names, and a bunch of stuff will show up. I'll give you some sites with some names. Names

These I like.:D:

This one has a cool search menu (on the right):

Another one:

The possibilities are endless!!! This is why I chose to keep Shivon's shelter name.:):p


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They named him Bam Bam. It's cute, but I think he needs a more serious name.

I've been searching online, and I haven't found any I like yet, but I'll check those links out. Thanks!


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I just answered this same question on another thread before I read this one O_o

On the other thread I wrote "I was going to suggest an aussie name for him but I can't think of any that are traditionally Australian..."

Now, since I'm not really suggesting a name or giving you any ideas, I guess I posted a helpless message twice :p


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I think I'm going to name him Rory. I love Doctor Who, and it's the only name I've seen that fits him. Thanks everyone! I really had trouble with this. (y)


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That's a good name. I love 'human names' for pets.

People sometimes think it's weird when I say one of my cat's is called Grace because they think it is a human name and not for cats (she's a silver tabby and the name suits her, I didn't think it was a weird cat name when I named her). Our other cats are Tilly, Acorn and Lager so I guess they all have less-than-common names (although other family members named them).

They don't seem to think Holly is so weird, but definitly got confused looks over Kiefer (our old cavalier), I always had to repeat his name before people got it.

I always remember that at Paris' puppy class there was a huntaway called Tolstoy. I do like unexpected names :D

And our old chickens were Henny, Penny and Judith :LOL:


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I always have to repeat my dog's name! Winston is a very rare name here. Most people understand "Wilson".

I love Rory's name! It makes me think of a character in a comic.


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Love the name Rory(y) I always 'ask' my dog or cat and they seem to find a name. May sound weird but when Maeve 'adopted' me on New Years Eve, my first attempt was 'Tawny' - she's a diluted tortie - but she didn't respond. Then I said 'what would you like" and the name Maeve popped straight into my head, she responded instantly:).

I honestly believe the name is important to our dogs and cats, they KNOW what they like and I am sure Rory will just ADORE his name. He's SUPER cute, just the type of dog I love, feisty in the right way, ready for any adventure and that 'little rascal' look about him:D