Need Guidance On Bringing 'kiefer' To U.s. From India

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  1. Nirwan.jatinder Active Member

    Hi, I will be coming to U.S soon (may be in January)...I want to bring 'Kiefer' (my Golden Retriever) along with me. I don't want to give him to somebody else here. Please guide me how to bring him to U.S. He is registered with Kennel Club Of India (KCI), fully vaccinated and microchipped. Could you also tell me how much it may cost me to bring him to U.S along with me?
    Thanks in advance :)

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  2. Mutt Experienced Member

    How low are you planning to stay in the US?
    plane flights are very, very stressful for animals, Kiefer is a big dog so he will be in a kennel (and not with you).
    First of all I would check out which airlines even alow pets and are regarded as good for transporting pets (google is your best friend!). Call those airlines! Vaccinations need to be done within a period of time before the flight and be valid until a certain period (after the flight). Is there going to be a stop? Make sure it is also possible to take the dog back (that this is arranged with the airline/flight). Some countries (such as Britain and Australia) have very strict rules and it is required that the dog is in quarantine for 1 month. I don't know if this is the case with the US (I thought not). Since I'm from Europe I don't know if the rules that apply to us are the same for India (Asia).

    Good luck with planning your trip and arranging things.
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  3. Nirwan.jatinder Active Member

    Thanks Mutt...i will be coming to U.S for long duration...2 years or more. Flight is not sure yet, it will b arranged by my employer. I shall request them to arrange a suitable flight, and will tell them tht m ready to bear extra expenses incurred on good flight. I just don't want to leave him here bcz he is too much attached to me. Earlier in Aug 2012 when I went to U.K just for 19 days, and he was left here in India. He got weaker in just 19 days. When he saw me coming, he broke his chain and came running to me worrying so tht I may not leave him alone again..i dont want to do tht again to him...tht too for such a long time. The truth is - even I can't live without him. Lets c what happens.
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  4. Mutt Experienced Member

    Ooh I thought we were talking about 3 months. Than I definetely would take your dog with you! Even with quarantine time it is worth it (although I'm pretty sure this is not required to get into the US).
    Than you don't have to worry about that (yet). I think it is best to just call with airlines and seek for experience on the internet.
    I totally understand what you are talking about, I'm always very happy to see the dogs again after I have been away (and they are too). They are just your best friends :love:
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