Need desperate help regarding toilet training


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I have a 12 year old male who recently insists in peeing inside. All the time.
In the past he would almost always go outside (occasionally he needed to mark his territory inside) but now it is completely driving me insane. He recently went and lived with my grandpa for a few weeks and now that he has come back he is peeing everywhere. He has a doggy door and so he is able to go outside, and sometimes I go outside with him and wait for him to go but then I always find little puddles inside. I have tried to catch him in the act but am never able to.
Really need some help on some sort of training methods to get him out of this habit.
I have also heard there are some kind of cleaning products that can be used on the floor that stop dogs from going there? Do they work at all?


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I know it's the standard obvious answer but have you taken your dog to the vet? Maybe he has an infection or is having age related problems. Always best to rule them out!


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I agree with VickiH. Since you have an older dog, who is used to using a doggie door, my first thought would be that maybe he is having some age-related incontinence, or possibly an infection. He could also be having some age-related confusion, having just gotten back from spending time away from home for a few weeks. While it all sounds easy for us, sometimes for them, especially in their senior years, it can really be stressful and confusing.

I would have him checked to make sure he doesn't have any bladder or kidney issues (or anything else) which might make him prone to 'puddles'. Also, is he on any medication? Sometimes, meds can make dogs 'leak' and they really don't even know they're doing it. Go easy on your old guy, cuz I'm betting he's not marking or deliberately peeing inside. Nature's Miracle (or a good enzymatic cleaner) can be used to clean thoroughly where he's gone, and it should take up any residual scent. This can be purchased at a pet supply store - just ask, if you can't find it. Nature's Miracle won't prevent or deter him from going in the house anymore, but it will remove the scent his urine has left behind, and at least he won't be returning to 'his spot' any more.

Good luck with your old boy - I have a 15-1/2 yr old at home, and I know at times it can be trying. Just remember, things aren't as easy for him as they always have been, and like with older people, dogs get confused too. Check and make sure he's healthy, remove the old odors, then just try to be patient, and maybe reintroduce him to his doggie door. :-)


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Agree with prev 2 posts. This why they make depends for people. The muscles including the urethral sphincter loose mass and tone as a natural part of aging--the same reason your vision gets worse. This may be a treatable condition or a warning that all is not okay like diabetes, prostate enlargement, infections, (all very treatable) and age related benign but also more serious causes. Dogs like their habits more than we do. I would bet money this isn't behavioral after just a few weeks unless a serious trauma occurred. Certain medications and food can cause urinary incontinence. Any new medications? food? drinking habits very different? Get ur sweetie to a vet and put ur mind to rest. You may not be catching him because he's constantly dribbling a puddle here and there. I had water proof dog beds covered with daily washed towels for my past seniors that leaked.

The products DO work. I prefer Nature's Little Miracle because it has never taken color out of anything including persian rugs. Color test all products on your items before using them as directed. Nylotex caution! It Bleached my carpet.
You need an enzymatic cleaner especially made to remove urine odor. Almost all pet stores carry NLM including the national chains. You can and should be kind enough to add it to ur dog's bedding laundry so he will not have to smell pee on his bed. Be sure he doesn't like it either after a lifetime of being a clean good boy.

If you must be sure they work buy a UV "stink light" for about $20. Urine, vomit, feces, saliva, blood i.e. all body fluids human and animal flouresce under UV light and you can tell the efficacy of your cleanser. The darker the room the better. I recently rented a house I knew the former tenant's dogs peed in because I witnessed it. ew! I found and eliminated all the spots-even some I could not see but could smell and more my dogs surely could smell. They glowed in the dark. I soaked with NLM and no more CSI crime scene and no more stink. It can knock out huge and soaked thru to the slab spots from big dogs and very old spots if properly applied and soaked through if the urine soaked through. If it's dribble use your judgement. It needs to be soaked through and kept wet for a period specified on the container-dogs kept OFF. For rugs on hardwood I placed plastic and towels under the rug because the wood cannot remain wet and some cannot be wet at all.

google stink light-many are listed such as this for $20 If you venture into your bathroom with the stink light you'll be able to see how well you're cleaning your own toilet. Some things are better not to know.
I hope ur boy is okay; will cross fingers the problem is minor. Best wishes to you both and bravo for asking an important question.


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Don't forget the obvious-can he see well? Is he in too much pain to walk from an injury or arthritis. Dogs are remarkable at disguising their pain-your vet can answer. Dementia is also a factor that can be treatable. Old dogs are like old people-many things are easily and cheaply solved.


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The best thing I've found for cleaning up is biological washing liquid, mix in a cap full in a bucket of water and mop away ;) It gets rid of the wee smell.