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Hi all, been looking at this fab site for some time now. You have some fantastic dogs on here, i've loved watching all the great video clips. I have two questions i'm hoping you can help with.

1) Bailey has been learning to weave through ny legs as i walk and is getting really good at it, i now need to introduce a cue but don't know what to call it. We do agility so can't call it weave, what would you suggest?

2) At our classes we have started doing the send away but i need to figure out how to break it down to clicker train it at home (they don't do clicker at class :msnsad: ) We use four small cones to mark a square out and the dog has to go to the area and lie down until released. Do you have any tips on breaking it down and teaching Bailey?

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i don't know what to name the weaving thru the legs trick, but i do have some suggestions to teach the send away. Start by back-chaining. First you teach the stay in the correct area by placing her in the down on the spot you want her to be and using the cue you will use when you're x number of feet away and treating it just like you would if you just teaching her "stay". Then stand 6-12 inches away with Bailey by your side, use the cue and lure her to the spot you want her to be in. When she's got it at 6-12 inches, keep slowly moving back.

You could also shape the behavor using a target. :dogsmile:


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That's great thank you, i'm going to try with a small square of blanket and see how we get on. I'm thinking that will be easy to take to classes with me. Seems obvious now you've said it, doh :doglaugh:


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As for the leg wave, maybe "legs" or "through" or just hand signals.

Send aways, same as Lexio. ^^


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Well I call weaving through my legs "weave" but I call weave poles "Slalom", so maybe you could just reverse what I use :) Or you could just call it "8" as in figure 8
And I totally agree with using a target or a mat for the go outs.


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For the weave thing:
I think that you can call it waeve, as the dog can differenciate when to do what. :) Or at leats I think so. We have at least 7 tricks and behaviours for the cue "föl", witch means up, and she always knows witch one I want at different times. :)
But maybe you could also call it "through", or "leg" or dunno. :D