Neat Link To Choose Dog Breed.

Did you research your dog's breed prior to adopting/buying the dog?

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For me they found 43 breeds that match 90% and 52 that match 80%. Some questions i found harder to answer because the compleet right answer wasn't there. But I match 100% with the australian Shepherd...
Sadly the kelpie isn't in there. Borders match 90 with me by social level, that i find strange since I have no problems with borders... Or they with me hehe

Keeshonden are a 100% match, I don't like those mutch, as goes with elkhound... Do I prever the last one hihi..

It is a nice Quiz. However I trust my own research on the best dogbreed match more then any quiz or book...
But then again I searched a long time for my breed ;-)

So to answer the Poll, I did lots off research for the breed, breeder and visited every week my breeder to play with the pups get to know them before choosing.

And now I do believe I got the best match. I know her good and not-so-good-sides (and yes, she knows mine aswell and that causes funny happenings now and then.....)
Yep, I trully am happy with her :)


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That is a GREAT test!!!! I got 100% with a lab and 90% with a whippet.:) A lot of the sporting group dogs and hound group dogs matched (100%):D

And I didn't do ANY research on labs or whippets whatsoever.:whistle: I was planning on getting a goldendoodle or Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. I got Shivon within a week. Saw her online on Friday, went to go see her on Monday, told my application was accepted on Wednesday, and got her on Saturday.:) But I couldn't ask for a better dog!!!!!:love:
Wow!! You don't see too many NSDTRs!! Do you think you will ever adopt one some day??? I think they sound like a really neat breed, but have never met one in person before!