Myths About Teaching A Dog Tricks.


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OHHhhhhhhhh, i get it, you just added in Mouse's "clicker" then.
oh, i misunderstood.
YES, clickers really really really help my dog "get" idea too. Even seeing it, he perks up and puts on his thinking cap.

still, odd she can't be lured, and only shaped. My dog gets hyper, especially for first few minutes of a lesson, especially if he has been overly bored or missed a few lessons,:rolleyes: he is all sloppy and spazzy at first, but, he does settle down after a lil while, and focuses better, instead of having excitement overload to be doing something!:ROFLMAO: When he is this way, sometimes i have to use less exciting treats at first, to help him focus better on the trick, not the food. Like kibble.

I have better luck avoiding that spazzy-overload in behavior if i do even 5 or 10 minutes twice a day, he stays in mental shape better. If i wait too long between lessons, Buddy gets TOO excited and frenzied for a while:confused: , has a lil trouble focusing, It is kind of funny to watch in a way.

Thanks for explaining how shaping a spin could be done, i have never tried this. just seems a lot harder than luring would be. Or even "capturing" seems easier. but it is all very fascinating. I will try to shape a spin. thanks for instructions!!! I'll give it a go! buddy only knows a LEFT spin, but not a right spin.

goes to show. all dogs are unique!! I'd so so love to ever meet your dogs, Sara.


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I wouldn't believe it either, if I didn't know Mouse. She's not just spazzy, she seriously turns off her brain when food's too close. I think it's a bit of an obsession, honestly.

I'm uploading a video right now of Mouse with a Nina Ottosson Puzzle toy (Oliver's is already done) but it takes forever. She's so cute with it! and she figured it out very fast.

I got really good at shaping and free shaping, because of Mouse (necessity it the mother of invention right? LOL) I lure alot with Oliver, which is fine, except I have a hard time knowing when to fade the lure (well doing it properly anyway), and he tends to depend too much on it, so I do like shaping much better.

All dogs are different from eachother for sure, But Mouse seems to be an exception to alot of rules LOL, she is an oddball, for sure (maybe if I'd have given her a less unique name, she'd be more normal? LOL) She is a weirdo, and I love her to bits :)