Mythbusters... Anyone???


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OMG this is my all-time FAVOURITE show!!! (and I know what you're thinking.... it's not for kids LOL:D) So yesterday I went to their tour with my dad in Toronto (he also loves the show). It was AWESOME!!! I didn't get to meet them (obviously):( but it was almost as great sitting 20 metres away from them. I was just wondering if anyone watches the show.:) Ok, so maybe the pictures aren't that great but here they are:


This is the robot that started it all...

The famous busted water heater (if you've watched the show ou know what I'm talking about):

Adam getting lifted up by 2 interlocked phone books:

Adam *trying* to catch an arrow:

Anybody up for a game of paintball??

Sorry, I had to post this.:) Obsessed.:)


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I love their show too! Adam Savage rocks! I saw him at the Reason Rally in Washington DC last Saturday. I was sooo close to stage! I couldn't record it though because some lady's umbrella was in the way. T.T I recorded most of his speech from the giant tv...


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AWESOME!!!!!:eek::LOL: Totally agree with you Dlilly!!! I'm not sure if they're filming this.... I hope they are (so I can watch it over again:))


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I haven't watched it for awhile, but I used to watch it ALL THE TIME!!! I LOVE that show!!! Unfortunately, I no longer have cable... too expensive when I watch only one channel :(


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OMG soo many people watch it!!! That's AWESOME!!!!:LOL:
They make nerds cool.(y)
Anneke, do they have the full 1-hour episodes??? 'Cause I heard there are no commercials for it in Europe, and they don't cut out the experiments.:)


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We love mythbusters!!! my son (8) is a Mythbuster nut!! I wish they would tour over hear - actually i'm going to go and check that.

They show the mock-up experiements, we do get adverts...i can't remember if they are 1hr or 30ms