Myself, Mr Scotty, Miss Annabell & Gambit


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My dogs are Mr Scotty 14 yo Australian Terrier X, Miss Annabell 10 yo cocker Spaniel X and Gambit [Poruse Diamond Dealer CCD TD] 3 yo Australian Shepherd.

I have trained each of them in Obedience, Agility, Flyball, Tracking, Tricks and Doggy Dancing.

Mr Scotty became epileptic after he gained two passes in Novice Agility. He went on to gain his Novice Dog title as well as gaining his Flyball Dog title. The medication he was on slowed him down too much to be able to do any trialing so he was retired and still loving it at 14 years of age.

TCh Miss Annabell has been a handful. She has been put on this earth for the sole purpose of keeping everyone in line. She enjoyed all types of doggy things until she gained her Tracking Champion Title and decided she wasn't going to get out of bed in the mornings any more. She gained her Flyball Dog Excellent title as well as her NGC, O-NJC, NCC,NGC titles before she was retired but still makes sure everyone behaves themselves. She still does tricks and loves it although we only do it at home.

Gambit, he is a true delight to own. He is in training for tracking, obedience, doggy dancing, tricks and has dabbled in agility and flyball. As he is only 3 I don't want to push him through the events too quickly. He has got a lot of years to have a go at whatever.

Me myself and I love tracking most of all. To be out in the middle of a paddock with myself and one of my dogs is for me a truly magical feeling.

I look forward to reading and learning lots of things by becoming a member of this forum