My New Puppy Sky!

how can i teach a puppy to stop biting, how can i teach her to pee on the puppy pad?

  • and wat hood triks can i teach her?

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  • like sit ans stay?

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I got a new German shepherd puppy, and named her sky.
I got her when she was 4 weeks old and now she's 14 weeks.
I have taught her to "stay, sit, lay down, give paw and high-five",
but she is a terrible biter!
Thankfully that seems to be the only thing that she dose wrong!:)
but I just don't know how to make her stop...


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She was obviously too young when you had her for her to have aquired "no biting" behaviour from her mum. That's also why normally a dog can leave his mum after 8 weeks (still I think it's still very young).

So now, you'll have to teach her instead of her mum. When she bites, say "outch !" so she understands it hurts. Actually do this before it hurts. She has to understand that when she plays and bites, she has to let go as soon as the other one makes a sound. Hope it helps.


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Check this thread for lots of tips on biting as well as this thread and this one for housetraining, since you have that mentioned also.
4 weeks is incredibly too young! Getting her over this is going to be a lot of work, and it's very important that you are 100% consistent with her.
Good luck! :)