My new puppy is scared of pretty much everything...


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I got a new puppy from a friend abotu a week ago. She is alright around the house for the most part, and is very playful, but is terrified of things like the dish washer and vacuum (which I guess is understandable), as well cars driving by when I have her out in the front yard. She is also very unreceptive of new people (not in an agressive way by any means, but again is instantly scared of them)

What can I do to rectify her fear issues?


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What breed is your new puppy, how old?

Fear in a puppy is normal. at 8 weeks, a pup will go through a fear stage, where new things can scare them. You need to expose your puppy to fear inducing stimuli in a gentle and positive manner.

I have a dog with fear aggression, it's not fun, I also have a dog thats extremely fearful of anything out of the ordinary. believe me, it's not easy to get adult dogs over their fears.

Have you looked into clicker training? do you know anything about it? It's the best way to go about helping a dog over it's fears. It really will help alot with a little extra time and effort on your part.

Do not flood your pup and dont force.

If you need more info on how to go about clicker training, let me know, I have several links I can share :dogsmile:


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She is a boxer/catahoula mix, and is now about 10 weeks old.

I've been trying to get her outside when people are mowing or whatever loud outdoor activity they can manage. Is that a good way to go about it?

What exactly is clicker training?