My Name Is Kris And I Am Owned By A Berner Named Jess

Kris K

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Jess has been with me since she was just a pup (she was my "bucket list" dog)! She is now 18 months old. She is in Advanced Obedience Classes and doing well with basic commands. I have a hard time teaching her the "fun" commands though. She is very attached to me and does suffer from separation anxiety when and if I try to leave her. She is "under contract" to be bred by her breeder after she is 2 and after she has undergone all her medical testing. I plan on keeping one of her pups. I am looking for advice and some tips to teach Jess some fun tricks! :)


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Welcome to the DTA! I'm glad you're doing all the testing, Berners have alot of hereditary health issues. I know a BMD that has Lupus, one with severe HD that had to be PTS at the age of 9 months, one that died at 6 with an auto immune disease, but a fair number of others who are wonderful, healthy happy dogs.

I must say, I've ADORED every BMD that I've ever met. they are awesome dogs!

You've certainly come to the right place, and as Tigerlily said, check out the classroom. it's a fountain of information!