My Jumping Lab


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Hello My name is Bonnie and I am a proud owner and best friend to Bree a black Lab! Bree has so many really good qualities about her but also some uncontrollable ones! We just love her!:p


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Bree is completely house trained but and I so afraid she will hurt someone she jumps on everybody. Her jumping is always friendly but she weighs 60 lbs and honestly its annoying. I have tried so many different tech nothing seems to work. Some that I have tried are turning my back to her, she just jumps on my back, pushing her down and saying down, the squirting water thing and treats. Any suggestions please!


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WELCOME!! Be sure to look over the tricks training in "CLASSROOM" above, a lively dog like a lab will surely enjoy getting a chance to figure things out, and so will you!(enjoy the tricks training, i mean:ROFLMAO:)

This is Kikopup, one of my favorite dog trainers for behavioral issues.
I highly recommend Kikopup's free videos on youtube for positive only ways to handle behavior.
so give THIS a try, for your leaping lab,
and let us know if it works: (GOOD LUCK!) Kikopup is using a clicker, are you familiar with clicker training? (it's not hard at all, and reeeeeeally helps a dog 'get it' faster). clicker training is also how they train those killer whales at seaworld, it is great, positive only method to help your dog know "YES! THAT'S IT!" in a very easy way for the dog to understand.