My Friend And Asperger's

Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by myraellen, Sep 24, 2014.

  1. myraellen Well-Known Member

    My friend thought that we would create a thread about this if you for example have questions. My friend is an adult woman with Asperger syndrome. She can't write to this forum by herself because she can't talk/write to people that she doesn't know well in person. (For example: when we met, she couldn't talk to me either. It took few times that she said first words for me.)

    One of you suggested in another thread that my friend wouldn't understand what you write here. She does understand it since she speaks english and she has also studied it. Maybe it only seems like she wouldn't understand since she sometimes explains things too much.

    So, we can discuss about this in this thread. Is there for example something what you want to know?
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  2. running_dog Honored Member

    Thank you for explaining this Myraellen.

    I wonder if you can tell us if there are particular kinds of information your friend finds clearest?
    Do you like short replies? Or long replies? bullet points? just key points? diagrams? videos? anecdotes? report style writing?

    Your friend asks good questions and I would like to be able to answer them in the way that your friend will find clearest. I really don't feel we are understanding each other so it would be nice to improve that.
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  3. myraellen Well-Known Member

    The way you could explain things depends on the subject. If we are discussing about trick training, you can put videos and written instructions like you have already done many times. :)(y) If we are talking about something else than dog training, my friend herself doesn't have any ideas for it.

    You might have understood or interpreted one of our comments in a different way than my friend has meant it to be. O_o It may be because of the following reasons:

    When we start writing messages my friend might have many things on her mind that she would like to say. Although my friend speaks english and she has also studied it, she doesn't always know how to explain things well enough in english and I can't always help her with it. She sometimes explains things too much. Then there may be missing things in our messages.
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  4. myraellen Well-Known Member

    My friend hadn't asked me to tell about this earlier because she's not sure what this service is in english she has been getting. I have been mostly some kind of "worker" but now I'm going to quit this job. The next one is going to continue writing the messages with my friend as soon as she finds one. My friend asked me to tell about this in case you wonder if the next messages are written a little differently.
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  5. running_dog Honored Member

    I think in England we might call the job "support worker" :)
    Thank you for letting us know, I hope it doesn't take you long to find a new helper Myraellen, we'll look forward to seeing you back here soon!
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