My Dog Will Not Hardly Eat

Discussion in 'Dog Health' started by kimw30, Dec 3, 2012.

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    I have a 4 year old Rat terrier and her name is Prissy and she will not hardly eat, sometimes she will go 2 days and not eat and then she will start back eating. She hasnt ate all day today, I put her food in her cage and she hasnt even went there to eat it, I have to carry her to the dr. alot to get IV fluids and he just tells me that there is nothing to do for her, the dr. says she got inflammatory bowel disease. The dr. says not to give her any real food only dog food. but sometimes she acts like she may eat the real food and will not eat the dog food. She is so skinny today you can see her bones and ribs. I dont know if she will not eat today because there has been some people working on some trailers next door to me and she is scared of the noise because when she scared she will not eat. sometimes she will lay in bed all day and not want to play and her stomach makes this loud noisy. Does anybody know anything about inflammator bowel and could this be inflammatory bowel. Any suggestions about what I could do to get her to eat would be appreciated.
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    I would also get a second opinion from another vet. You say your vet says Prissy has an inflammatory bowel infection and nothing he can do????. I'd be checking in with another vet as that does need medical help.
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    Here's a video by Dr. Karen Becker (love her!), it might help to explain exactly what IBD is, and what to look for in at least a temp diet to help Prissy. I'd def seek an opinion from a different vet, IBD may not not be your vet's area of expertise.
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