My dog Orlando bites visiters HELP!


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Hi my dog Orlando is a Shih Tzu and when visiters come into the house he barks at them A LOT and then run and attack them by biting at their ankles or knee caps, he is a VERY sweet dog when it comes to children and family but he just doesn't like visiters don't matter how nice they are and how cheerfully they call his name !
I tried to put him on the leash while doing a quick jerk at the neck to show that what he was doing was wrong, also I used newspaper, he will quiet down a bit but then continue barking.
I love Orlando and I hate to feel that I am doing him wrong but I really just want to show him that ALL people aren't here to hurt him PLEASE HELP SOMEONE!


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My neighbour has two Shih Tzu dogs. They are a barking breed and I think you need to accept that. If I remember rightly, their bark was originally intended to guard the Chinese Emperor, by alerting guards to intruders. So, really, it's what they do and I think you'll have to learn to accept that side of their personality.

With regards to biting, I really don't believe that it's safe to advise on such an issue over the web. It really needs an expert to evaluate the entire context of the behaviour. There are so many reasons it could be happening, that it would be so easy to give bad advice. Please, if you are able, try to consult a professional behaviourist.

Jean Cote

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Thanks CollieMan! I also recommend seeing a reputable trainer / behaviorist. There might be reasons that you are not even aware of that triggers his behavior.