My dog loathes the rottie next door...


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Ah, i shouldn't have bragged so much last Buddy is all crazy again...geez. I'm thinking i am going to have to quit with the classes, and just try to scrap together some private lessons with trainer and her dogs...not sure.

Two steps forward, one step back...

or sometimes, one step forward, and two steps back!!


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Tigerlily - take that deep breath, then take that step backwards - and don't think twice about it. Who cares if yesterday was better? I had to keep reminding myself we weren't on a clock, no schedule, we just had to get "there" slowly. Don't worry if Buddy is acting like Cujo again - go back to basics, see a dog, feedfeedfeedfeed when 'scary' dogs (any dogs) are around. He's young and obviously still has some issues he's working thru, don't rush him, whatever you do. Take all the time HE needs.

I was so proud of my girl a couple weeks ago. I signed us up for a 2-day training seminar. There were about 40 people, but 18 'working' spots (meaning 18 dogs). I was a bit nervous, hoping she could pull it off, knowing a year ago, she couldn't have - she'd have been melting down, having lunge and snark fests all weekend (and we'd have been thrown out in the first 5 min!). Right after we got out of the car, two other dogs came bounding out of their cars barking, whining, spinning, etc - she snarked at them. My heart sunk. She recovered quickly - and that was that, for the whole weekend. She performed beautifully along side 16 other dogs, no more snarking, alert but comfortable, and able to work.

You'll get there with Buddy, just go slowly, don't rush him, and make every dog a party in his mouth. His attitude will change, you'll see. Baby steps ... no matter how tiny the steps, they'll still get you 'there'. :dogtongue2:


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JackienMutts, THANK YOU SO MUCH for the support!! It really DID help me step back and take a breath and go on again!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

Lol, every dog = a party in his mouth!!:msngiggle:

I'm so stoked for your dog to behave with 16 other dogs around!! WOOHOOO!! :msnparty: NICE WORK JACKIE!!!


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Sometimes taking a break is the best thing in the world. Often I leave something a few weeks and come back and it's gotten perfect somehow in the interim. Dogs sometimes just need a bit of a va-ca from things. Jackie's right...deep breath and step back. She's always got great advice. :doghappy:


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It's a year or more later now. Buddy never ever barks at the rottie. Maybe 1 brief "Hello Rottie!" bark, but, never more than that. I followed all the advice on this thread from the others, and it did help, and i continued working with Buddy, sitting outside next to him, distracting his uber-focus on that rottie, and rewarding any break in his focus on the rottie, and so on. By the end of that summer, Buddy was over it.

Buddy is fine with the rottie now, just barely watches the rottie, almost bored of it, very calm. IF the rottie runs around, Buddy will sit up or stand up to get a good look, but that is as much reaction as Buddy gives the rottie now.

Buddy and the rottie rarely cross paths, but, Buddy walks by the rotties house at least once a day, no reaction, and if the rottie is out, no reaction.:msnhugegrin: I haven't pushed their friendship, but, i am happy to just have Budd walk by the rottie in his yard and no reaction.

i would have never ever guessed way back then, back when this thread ever started, that THIS day would ever come!!
Buddy continues to go through the world, "One dog at a time.":msngiggle: