My dog is crazy...


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My dog Zaydah (cattle dog) lives with my parents... due to my current living situation i can't have the dogs roaming the house so my parents watch Zaydah so she can run around and have a bit more of a life. Well, my mom calls me up every once in awhile to tell me about Zaydah's crazy antics.

Last night apparently, she was laying on the couch next to my mother. There's a small wooden clock hanging up on the wall, and while Zaydah was laying on the couch, she happened to figure out, that there was a second hand on the clock that was moving and making noise. She started barking at it, and my dad took it off the wall to show it to her. At that point, she decided it was chasing her and she was AFRAID of the clock. She started running away from it like she does the vacuum cleaner. At least I know she'll warn my parents when any suspicious CLOCKS are around the house! :dogdry:

Silly herding breeds......

Oh and more proof my dog is psycho:


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I agree with xsara, they are the best! That's why I love by BC so much, she is just a crazy pup ^_^


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Lol. ^^ Zeke's very stock-crazy, and he's a thief. When we go to Petsmart he'll spot something he wants going down the aisle and he'll pick it up and carry it through the store. Lol. xD Big old goof. He gets so sad when I tell him he can't have it and put it up. Poor guy. So neglected. (The backyard looks like Petsmart threw up all over it. Toys EVERYWHERE. Lol.)