My Dog Does Every Trick, Help!

One of the problems that I find with my dog is that as soon as I put the treat in front of him, he does every trick he knows. I don’t prompt he does. How do I deal with this?


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I have a dog that does this, I just turn around and wait for her to calm down, then try again. Make sure you never reward for the tricks you're not looking for, eventually, they get the idea... at least Scout did :)


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Yep, what Sara says...
I have had a dog who did this:D I would wait untill he was finished, smile at him and say: thank you, now, what I want you to do is....
Actually I love dogs that do this. It shows they really want to work, although they are impatient and pull open their trickbox as soon as they see a treat.
I have been teaching Jinx to speak, now she thinks, every time I ask her to sit, she needs to speak:D
I don't reward this anymore(I did when I first started training this) Now I ignore it, because I only want her to do it on cue.


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Fly is like that. As Anneke says, that's all about motivated dogs :)
Like the others, I would say don't reward this behaviour and ask for something. Only reward the execution of the command you ordered.

Anyway, I always find it cute to see such a devoted dog !