My dog cant make friends!


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My dog tango is 8 years old and a miniature schauzer.
I have a friend who has a dog.
When she got the dog it was our idea to take them on walks and play with them together.
but instead they bite each other.
I think for the most part it is the other dogs fault because he jumps on her and tries to bite her. so she nips him back.
I just want her to be able to get along with other dogs...
how do i do that?:doghuh:


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Your dog should not have to tolerate being jumped on and nipped at. If you think it's mostly the fact that the other dog jumps and nips at your dog, then don't let this happen. If you still have problems with respectful dogs, I recommend the book: "Control Unleashed"


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Does your dog correct the other dog for the 'annoying' behavior? Or are they play biting? I would say only let them play together when they are playing nicely. I wouldn't allow it to happen. How is your dog around other dogs? Is she being socialized other than this other dog?
Control Unleashed is a great book.