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    So I am new here and I would like to introduce all of my kids. They are all unique and special.

    My first kid and oldest is Macoa. Macoa is a 7 almost 8 year old golden retriever. We have worked hard on training with her, but she lacks the drive. She also is very easily distracted even with high value treats. We have mastered several obedience commands. However, every command is a struggle. She shuts down when she is overwhelmed. She has had a rough life bouncing between homes and families until she landed with us this last year. She has anxiety meds and is extremely prone to hot spots and allergies. Hopefully we will be able to resolve her health problems and help her overcome them soon.

    The next kid in line is Rhaja! She is my original baby. I have had her since I rescued her from a shelter when she was just a puppy while I was still in college. They labeled her as a Mastiff mix and had her on the put down list. She is not a mastiff, however, rather a boxer mix. She is very lazy and sweet. We have never gone past the basic obedience with her. Though I am debating adding in some fun stuff just to keep her on point. She is my cuddle bug and is happiest just relaxing.

    Next is Guinevere! Vera is my star. She is a two year old Rottweiler. We have every service dog command down for basic obedience, PTSD, and balance brace. She is amazing at basic obedience. She is ready to start working on agility and hopefully Rally this coming up year. She loves to learn and is eager to obey. Her down side is that we are sometimes a bit nervous. She also is a loud chatterbox. She doesn't really growl but she does make low woof sounds and grumbly purrs when trying to show off. Her mother was the same way. There is no aggression, but sometimes I worry with the breed racism on peoples reactions.

    My other little girl just turned two. She is a field type Golden Retriever. She is really sweet and soft. we haven't gotten far past just obedience. She is still not reliable enough to go to much beyond what she already knows. Hopefully, she will do well in Rally this coming Spring and we can add more complicated stuff to her repertoire.

    Then I have a new girl I am working with named Ygeme, but as we just got her within the last couple weeks we haven't gotten much done and are still trying to find out her personality. She is a 7 month old Rottweiler. Sadly, I do not have a good picture of her yet.

    So that is my fur kids in a nut shell.
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    Poor Macoa, it sounds like she has done well to finally end up with you. Do you do free shaping with her? Though sometimes it can be hard to keep up a high enough rate of reward with a dog that shuts down easily. What drives have you tried working her in? Some dogs just aren't that interested in treats. Does she find play drive too overwhelming? It sounds like she might.

    Rhaja doesn't sound like the boxers I've met, with one exception they have all been totally crazy. In my experience mastiffs are much more the laid-back lazy types. I wonder what she's mixed with? Perhaps something that's usually very calm to steady the boxer exuberance? Fun stuff is good for all dogs, what have you got in mind for her?

    Vera sounds superb. Doesn't it make a difference when you get a dog that wants to work! What things is she nervous of? My mum's dog Gus loves to work but is fearful of many things, we're slowly trying to change his perceptions of the world but it takes time. Would the nervousness rule Vera out from being a working service dog rather than a demo dog? I know of two service dogs that had to be retired one because it became fearful of traffic and the other because it began to bite (I suspect through fear). So I'm curious, is this something you would consider working through with dog destined for service work or would you make a character assessment at the beginning and judge that they wouldn't stand the pressure of sustained work?

    Your two year old sounds gorgeous. How do you measure reliability? I guess your dogs must have to be very steady if you are training for service dog work.

    Looking forward to hearing how Ygeme turns out too

    I can't comment on what your dogs look like because the photos won't show up, you have written great word pictures of them though :cool:(y)
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