My Beautiful Pippa

Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by Ripleygirl, Jul 22, 2014.

  1. Ripleygirl Experienced Member

    IMG_1282 - Copy (1).JPG pip finger mouth.jpg I know this is a dog forum but I get the feeling that you guys are general animal lovers and felt the need to share with you guys.

    On Monday morning we had our funny, clever little budgie put to sleep. She was nine year old and unfortunately had developed a tumor on her joint of her left wing. The tumor had grown around the joint so the only option was amputating the wing. She has always been a free flying budgie in our home and had never been caged. She only returned to her cage to go to bed at night and the door was always left open. I couldn't make the decision to keep her caged now and in increasing pain so we chose to put her to sleep. She was still eating and drinking and chirping but if we had amputated her wing she would not have had the life of flying that she had always had and there is nothing to say that the tumor was not cancerous and had not already spread to organs in her body.

    She may have 'only' been a budgie but I am feeling the loss of a loved pet that has given a lot of love back over the years.

    I just wanted to show you some of the budgie I remember:
    clean.jpg ghostly.jpg lading.jpg scratch.jpg sleep.jpg wingspan.jpg
    IMG_6790.jpg IMG_6791.jpg
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  2. southerngirl Honored Member

    I'm sorry for your loss. I've lost a budgie before and it hurt a lot, though unlike Pippa it was sudden. Pippa was a beautiful bird and now she is healthy and flying again. You provided her a great life better than most do for budgies.
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  3. Ripleygirl Experienced Member

    Thanks, Danielle. She loved dive bombing any new person that came into our lounge, she would fly straight at them and at the last moment just scim there head then fly back and land on them. Funny little bird...
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  4. southerngirl Honored Member

    Aww cute she sounds like she was a great bird. Budgies are great little pets.:)
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  5. kassidybc Experienced Member

    I'm sorry for your loss, Pippa looks like she was a beautiful bird, and it sounds like she had quite the personality!
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  6. Ripleygirl Experienced Member

    Thank you, Kassidy. She was a clever little bird and gave us lots of amusement over the years as well as her love too.
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  7. MaryK Honored Member

    I am so sorry for your loss. Pippa is a very beautiful bird, and quite a character by the sound of things. She's free now of pain and flying happily around the Rainbow Bridge.

    Budgies do have such huge personalities, and she sounds like she was the Grand Champion.

    R.I.P. sweet, funny and beautiful Pippa.
  8. Ripleygirl Experienced Member

    Thanks for your kind words, Mary. She is probably up there loving being able to fly again!
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  9. MaryK Honored Member

    Yes she sure will be. And she'll be watching over you too.
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  10. running_dog Honored Member

    Not been on much recently so I've missed this until now... so sorry to hear about Pippa. She was a very beautiful bird and it is good to know she had a life with so much freedom.
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  11. Ripleygirl Experienced Member

    Thanks, Running_dog, I believe she enjoyed her life with us and did love that she wasn't a caged bird.
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