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Ok, I'm pretty sure I feed my puppies well they eat science diet and nutrience, they have a little canned and a lot dry, they get vegetables everday, and my husband will sometimes give them the scraps of his meal (when there are any, lol) so why, WHY do my dogs love to eat MUD so much? I have three pups two bostons (1yr) and a bernese (9 mons) and they LOVE MUD! I Could be holding a treat beside the mud and they would choose the mud. Does anyone else have a dog like this? Or at least know what my dogs are missing in their diet that they are getting in the mud, I find it hard to believe that it tastes good!:dogtongue:


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Hey, I have a puppy that likes to eat kitty poo, so I know what you're going through! :doglaugh:

I've heard that it could be cat related - meaning if you have cats or any stray cats that relieve themselves in the yard, the smell could be drawing them.

Another thing is that they could have a mineral deficiency, and instinctively eat mud to get those minerals. A vet would be able to tell that much better and maybe recommend a multi vitamin.

Of course it could always be because mud seems to feel funny in the mouth.

My puppy has stopped chewing on rocks (thank goodness!) and I think she just grew out of it. Once in awhile she'll find a kitty litter granual on the floor and she still licks it up, but drops it and walks away after playing with it a bit.

If the vet doesn't see anything wrong with the pups, maybe just try the 'leave it' command.

Hope that helps, and good luck!


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My dog will eat cold coals that fall out of the fire! I asked the vet & he said dogs just develop a taste for something & decide they like it.


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being so young young they probably just like trying new things, koda still likes getting cat poo dam her i am working on her leave it but sometimes it gets the better of her, but storm used to love eating rocks and mud, he did grow out of it, i think around the 1year old stage he did, but luka likes eating sand he still does and he's 3years, i have no idea why but if we take him to the beach he runs along happily and licks up sand, we do try and stop him but it doesnt affect him in anyway, we just try and keep it in moderation so he doesnt turn into a sand castle


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hahaha thanks. My two of my pups are good with leave it but the third just runs around when you say leave it until she's finished's rather annoying. But when it comes to mud no one listens I can be standing right over them and giving them commands and they still do it...the only thing to do is physically move them which isn't as easy to do with my almost 100lbs bernese who is I'm pretty sure solid muscle, lol. I'll ask the vet if he thinks I should be concerned, all I can say is thank goodness I'm allergic to cats and they don't eat cat poo!!