Mocha And Douggie


My name is Joe, and i own 2 dogs that i rescued from a shelter near my home. The oldest one is 5 years old his name is Douggie he's a pit bull and the youngest not quite a year is Mocha she is part lab part pit bull. They are both great dogs and very friendly to anyone and everyone. Doug is pretty much trained but I'm having problems training Mocha she seems to be more hard headed. She won't stop chewing on things like just ladt week she tore up our carpet. Thats why im here so i can train her and save her from getting yelled at by me my wife and daughter. Plus i think training mocha with my 6 year old daughter she would get a kick out of it and something she can tell people that she trained the dog.


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Welcome to DTA Joe!! You'll be able to get great advice, guidance and ideas from many of the members here... I did... :)


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Welcome!!!!:D You'll find GREAT advice and tips here... this site is definately not short on those!!! You can try using the tips in this Kikopup video for chewing:



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Welcome Joe Dougie and Mocha:) . You'll find LOADS of help here, everyone is very friendly and helpful.:)

Great idea to have your daughter help train Mocha, it's so good to have youngsters involved with animal training, teaches them to respect all animals.(y) They'll be a blast together I'm sure:D

Do post some pictures please of your doggies and kudos for adopting Pit Bulls, love those dogs:love:


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A few other things that may help. Teaching Mocha tricks part of the reason she may be chewing is because she is bored, trick training stimulates her mind. Try keeping her with you or your wife at all times this way if she goes to chew your right there and can offer her a toy instead. Also I would keep all bedroom doors shut so she can't get a hold of your things, your wife"s, or daughter"s things. Make sure Mocha is getting daily walks. For walking the rule is 5minutes for every four weeks. Example a 12week old puppy would be walked for 15min.
Getting your daughter involved with the training is a great idea. All children should get the chance to teach a dog that way they learn to respect them.