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    Hi there. Want to get to know me better?

    My name is: Missy
    I am a: Tri-coloured Border Collie (the vet has me down as a Black and White - which I mostly am)
    I am: 2 years old
    My favorite foods: hotdogs, cheese, beef liver, my owner's home made cinnamon chicken biscuits.
    My BC parent's names are: Lacey (a Red and White), and Louie (a Tri-colored).

    My nicknames: "Mystery", "Little Miss Sunshine".

    My brother's name was: Harley - he was a tri-colored BC.
    Sadly, Harley had to be put down last summer at the young age of a year and half (June or July 2012). (if you want to know the reason, just ask my owner.)

    My bad habits: I don't have too many bad habits, just a few.

    --> Chasing cars - that's my biggest mistake!, but we're working on it - ALL THE TIME!!

    --> jumping on the counter while "Grandma" - my owner's mom, makes the family dinners.

    Dislikes: Garbage trucks!

    Overall Behaviour?: I'm perfect - or close to it - outdoors!! :)

    My house mates: None. Sadly Muse, the cat, passed away on Saturday January 19.

    My trick list:

    1. Sit
    2. Down
    3. Stay
    4. Wait
    5. Get In
    6. Give
    7. Around
    8. Okay
    9. Off
    10. Out
    11. Leave It
    12. Stand (from sit position)
    13. Come
    14. Back up
    15. Bounce
    16. Hup (jump over a bar)
    17. Tunnel (for Agility)
    18. Paw (left paw)
    19. Shake (right paw)
    20. Spin (spins right)
    21. Twirl (spins left)
    22. Bow
    23. Roll Over (rolls to the right)
    24. Other Way (rolls to the left)
    25. Through (weaves through my legs)
    26. Go to Bed
    27. Touch (my hand)
    28. Hide your Eyes (same as S.Y.P.)
    29. Bubbles
    30. Get it
    31. Bring it
    32. Cross paws
    33. Roll Yourself in a Blanket
    34. Tug! (a rope toy)
    35. Paws up
    36. Peek-a-Boo!
    37. Let's Go
    38. This way
    39. Put it Away
    40. Catch
    41. Speak
    42. Shh!
    43. Quiet
    44. Sit Pretty
    45. Figure Eight
    46. Target (yogurt lid)
    47. High Five
    48. Dunk it! - Basketball
    49. Flick
    50. Stand Tall
    51. Jump Up (onto a rock or table)
    52. Stack - she stacks the colourful 18 month+ baby cups into one another. :)
    53. Cop Cop

    Working on Trick #54: Make the Face!

    Me as a puppy:



    Me now:


    I hope you enjoyed reading my profile!

  2. Jean Cote Administrator

    47 dog tricks? Way to go!
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  3. MaryK Honored Member

    Missy has a friend in Ra Kismet, he too loves to chase my cats:) Great trick list!!!!!
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  4. Gordykins Experienced Member

    So sorry for the loss of Muse.

    Home made cinnamon chicken biscuits sound scrumptious!! Missy is a beautiful girl.
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  5. JazzyandVeronica Honored Member

    Awesome! Beautiful girl!!

    (Veronica's Grammy is guilty of actually encouraging her to jump on the counter "to help" :eek: )
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  6. Ripleygirl Experienced Member

    You have a great trick list and Missy is gorgeous!
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  7. Missy you are beautiful and smart girl! You know lots of tricks, I could learn some from you :)
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